Texas heat in the summer is no joke, and as we enter the dog days, you'll definitely be looking to cool down. Luckily there are plenty of frozen desserts in Fort Worth! I spent my summer in ice cream parlors, snow cones stands, frozen yogurt stores and more to try to find a conclusive list of the sweetest, iciest, most Instagrammable, must-try frozen treats in cowtown. 

1. Steel City Pops

 I frequent this spot more than any other, and looking at all of the popsicle flavors on their menu will tell you why! There are so many fruity or creamy options, and they're all delicious. The first time I went here, I actually came back for seconds after my first one. My favorites are pineapple jalapeño, lavender lemonade, and chocolate chili.

2. Melt Creamery 

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Kate Cook

Melt Ice Creams serves unique and extremely yummy artisan ice creams. They even serve dairy-free options. All of their ingredients are fresh and of the highest-quality in the area. Their flavor list is constantly rotating, so you never know what to expect! 

3. Bahama Bucks

Bahama Bucks is a tropical-themed shop that serves smoothies and frozen coffee drinks, but the best thing on their menu are their snow cones. The ice is so fluffy and airy, you hardly feel guilty for indulging. Try their Jamaican smoothie, sugar cookie, or key lime pie.  

4. Sweet Sammies 

Sweet Sammies bakes delicious cookies with unique flavors such as oatmeal toffee, candy, and chocolate coconut, but the real treat is to turn those cookies into ice cream sandwiches. Try Krazy Kolors between candy cookies, cookies and cream between black and white cookies, or coffee ice cream between cinnamon chip snickerdoodle. 

5. Curly's Frozen Custard

Frozen custard is a  pretty unique dessert. While ice cream normally holds around 50% air, frozen custard only has about 10-20%, making it extremely creamy. Also, It is served at just below freezing, while ice cream is typically served near 10 degrees. The result? One of the most addictive frozen desserts in Fort Worth. 

6. Alchemy Pops

Alchemy Pops creates unique flavors made out of the freshest ingredients you can find in a frozen dessert. The menu is always rotating, but for the summer, they're mixing up cool flavors like watermelon mint, honeydew lime, lemon blueberry buttermilk, and cold brew coffee and cream. Be sure to check their menu again when the seasons change. 

7. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Out of all the places to get frozen yogurt in Fort Worth, Menchie's has to be the best. Their unique range of flavors such as almond biscotti, twisted cinnamon churro, and marshmallow mania are only the tip of the iceberg. 

8. Gypsy Scoops

Gypsy Scoops is a classic ice cream truck turned brick-and-mortar. They have a toppings bar, waffles, donut sandwiches, everything you need to make your ice cream dreams come true. Their classics include Gypsy Bride (vanilla based with wedding cake pieces and chocolate chips) and Wookiee's Cookies (cinnamon based with Oatmeal cookie pieces and chocolate chunks). Their flavors rotate seasonally, so stop by all year round!

There's a different frozen treat to fit whatever you're craving. With the wide variety of frozen desserts in Fort Worth, I challenge you to try them all before summer melts away! I know that I'm currently in the process of figuring out how to transport some Steel City Pops on the plane with me back to Los Angeles...