So you’ve just woken up from a wild Saturday night. The blue mark from the Ticker has rubbed off on your face, and you can barely open your eyes. If you didn’t take the precautions the night before to prevent a hangover, Sundays are usually the worst because everyone is ridiculously hungover, and because the grill at the Pub doesn’t open until 2PM. And while the North Country isn’t overflowing with food options, there are a couple great spots that will be sure to numb the pain of your ill-advised Saturday night decisions.


Dana Brunch


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It sounds generic, but I promise it’s worth it. Dana is an easy option because first of all you don’t actually have to drag yourself to the parking lot and get in the car. Dana is right here on campus, and provides never-ending food for just the cost of one meal swipe. On Sundays, they have omelettes, bacon, bagels, and eggs, but still have other great lunch options like pizza.

The Bagelry


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A SLU favorite. As the title attests to, everything on the menu is served on a bagel. For the hungover crowd, might I recommend the Brooklyn, which is your basic egg, choice of cheese, and choice of meat on any kind of bagel. It’s hot and greasy, which is all anyone is looking for when they’re hungover. They also offer more interesting choices such as the combination of nutella, brie, and bacon, or the Dagz Baby, which is chicken, bacon, ranch, and hot sauce. They also have great iced coffee, if you needed another reason to go. It’s walkable distance from campus, even though you probably won’t be able to make it that far on foot anyways.

Partridge Cafe


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A friendly (and tiny) spot located on Miner Street, Partridge is a hidden gem in Canton. Partridge has a large variety of hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, bagels, wraps, salads, and coffees. Also, you can call ahead and pre-order so your food is ready when you get there. No more waiting in agony.

Dunkin Donuts


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You don’t have to leave the car. Enough said. But not actually enough said, because their hash browns are beautifully golden brown and only $0.99. Also, they make iced coffee in size extra-large.

Village Diner


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Located in Potsdam, the Village Diner’s motto is “good food, good friends.” They know how to handle a hangover, and they only serve breakfast. (Also, they serve a breakfast sandwich called the Heart Attack- egg, bacon, ham, sausage, home fries, grilled onions AND cheese, all piled on a roll).

Foxy Roxy’s


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Great food at a great price. Foxy Roxy’s, located in Potsdam, has huge pancakes that won’t disappoint. They also serve tons of different omelettes. If you don’t want to go the breakfast route, you can get various lunch options like this beautiful cheeseburger with fries.