You’ve just gotten off the phone with your parents. They’re about to pull into the parking lot behind the college houses and they’re starving. You have absolutely no idea where to take them to eat. Have no fear, because here’s the finest list of the best restaurants in Lancaster to take your parents to —breakfast edition.

1. On Orange

Aptly located on Orange Street in downtown Lancaster, On Orange is the coziest place for breakfast. The Swedish pancakes and waffles, stuffed with organic oats that give them a dense yet exquisite taste, are divine. Combine that with an addition of Carmen & David’s ice cream to make them à la mode is every small child’s dream come true. Stick with any of the omelets or order their specialty—baked oatmeal. Come for the breakfast, and definitely stick around for the free cookies from Central Market that accompany your bill.  


Location: 108 West Orange Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
Hours of Operation: 7am-1pm Thursday through Monday     

2. Chestnut Hill Café

A charming neighborhood café located only a couple minutes away from campus, Chestnut Hill serves up a variety of breakfast foods. Some options are top notch waffles, a spread of bagel sandwiches and, of course, a selection of coffee and other warm beverages. Several tables are packed into the back seating area which, to no surprise, fills up quickly.


Location: 532 West Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
Hours of operation: 6:30am-8pm Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday

3. Mean Cup

Mean cup may succeed in being one of the most popular study destinations for F&M students away from Shad due to the café’s plethora of coffee and food selections. Check the grab & go cabinet for breakfast items like yogurt from Central Market, fruit, baked goods and other breakfast fare.


Location: 398 Harrisburg Avenue
Hours of Operation: 7am-7pm Monday-Sunday  

4. Skinny Park Juice


Photo by Naomi Berner

Skinny Park Juice is the newest breakfast spot to grace F&M’s neighborhood. Located on North Mulberry Street, this restaurant is known for its organic juice bar and fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. It is also home to an organic café, featuring daily and weekly specials where raw food, vegetarian and vegan options are always available. From bagels shipped from Brooklyn to breakfast sandwiches and burritos, give the organic life a try.


Location: 443 North Mulberry Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
Hours of Operation: 8am-6pm Tuesday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 9am-2pm Sunday  

5. Café One Eight

Café One Eight, located downtown on Orange Street, is dedicated to serving excellent food in an inviting and warm environment. Along with a selection of egg sandwiches and breakfast burritos, diners can build their own breakfast sandwiches from a large choice of ingredients. Their fair trade coffee is roasted locally downtown at Café One Eight’s neighbor, Square One Coffee, which is known to serve up some of the best coffee in Lancaster.


Location: 18 West Orange Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
Hours of Operation: 7am-9pm Monday-Saturday