At Northeastern University, there's a wide variety of dining options. With three "traditional" dining halls, a food court, and several cafes, students have several choices on where they can grab their next meal from. Due to the size of our campus, these dining halls are spread out throughout Northeastern, making it inconvenient for some students to go to one over another. Therefore, we've gathered our opinions on each of the dining halls on campus, as well as a few tips! If you haven't been able to try all of the dining halls at Northeastern, or if you're an incoming student and want to know more about the food on campus, continue reading!

Best Dining Hall for Lunch: Churchill's (Churchill Hall)

Allison Wong

When thinking of the best place to grab lunch before, after, or in between classes, Churchill's is your go to spot (RIP Rebecca's). Located in the center of campus, this hidden spot (located in the basement of Churchill Hall) has pre-made sandwiches and paninis, flatbreads, burgers, and CYO bowls (with a rotating theme; our personal favorite is BBQ). If you're on a time crunch, you can take any of these items to-go, or you can eat inside with distanced dining (thanks COVID)! Make sure to come before the lunch rush to avoid long lines!

TIP: Churchill's also has AMAZING breakfast from 8:00-10:00am, if you're feeling extra motivated to stop by before your classes! You can choose from a customizable breakfast sandwich, eggs, potatoes, chocolate chip pancakes (you heard right), AND french toast.

Dining Hall with the Best Dessert: Steast (Stetson East)

Chrissy Benson

Every amazing meal needs the perfect baked good to finish it off. Steast is well known around campus for their amazing selection of desserts, especially the COOKIES. Try their chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or our personal favorite, the sugar cookie. They also have cakes, pudding, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, and so much more.

TIP: You can always grab a few extra for a midnight snack, or if you just need to treat yo' self!

Best Dining Hall for Dinner: IV (International Village)

Allison Wong

After a day full of classes, our favorite spot for dinner (especially on Tuesday nights) would have to be IV. Being one of the traditional buffet style dining halls at Northeastern, IV has multiple stations to choose from including, Zone 8 (your classic chicken and rice), the Salad and Pizza Station, Sushi, Tandoori, Comfort, and Rooted (Vegan). If you want to know what's on the menu for that day, download the Dine On Campus app for weekly menus!

TIP: If you happen to go to IV on a Tuesday night, you MUST check out the Kosher station! They usually have salmon (with lemon, teriyaki, or mango salsa) and corresponding sides. It's a great choice if you're sick of getting chicken :)

Best Dining Hall for a Cheat Meal: Curry Student Center

Head to Curry for the best cheat meal at Northeastern. This spot is filled with many fast food options such as a chicken sandwich from Popeyes, to stir-fry bowls at Kigo, or a sandwich or burger at UBurger. You can even stop by the Market for some sushi made right in the store! If you don't want to wait on the long lines during the dinner rush, download the Boost Mobile app to order ahead with your Husky card! (ALSO: For COVID, the restaurants at Curry are doing meal exchange options where you order from a pre-selected menu for one meal swipe!)

TIP: Personally, I recommend the Club Chick Sandwich from UBurger or the Classic Bowl from Kigo!

Chrissy Benson

Best Dining Hall to Use Up Your Meal Swipes: Outtakes (Stetson West)

Looking to use up those extra meal swipes at the end of the week? Stetson West is the place for you! With 10 points, you can stock up on food for your dorm with their selection of pre-packaged snacks, fruit, salads, sandwiches, and hot meal options (all with corresponding point values). They'll even let you get a case of water for 3 meal swipes!

TIP: For the best deal, definitely use your points on chips, popcorn, granola bars, and sweet treats! They’re only 1-2 points each!

Chrissy Benson