Fellow Florida State University students, I come to you with yet another trend that a Tallahassee restaurant has to offer! A friend of mine has opened up his own milkshake store, Shake Shop, and wanted to make creative treats. The shop makes a plethora of tasty shakes and ice cream sandwiches, some custom made by curious customers. Juan Servini, the Shake Shop's owner says there's a secret menu that customers have made. His shop is located inside of a Doughnut Kingdom, so he can amp up his products.

The Secret Ingredient

Any student who is in their first month of senior year like me can enjoy any of these milkshakes (and probably 3 doughnuts). However, I'm kind of a health geek and plan on sticking to it even with 3 assignments due within the next 52 hours. So I jumped on the opportunity to tell Tally students about Juan's new Halo Top milkshake! He wanted to cater to health-conscious people and make a cheat meal style healthy treat. It's made with a pint of Halo Top vanilla ice cream and is objectively the best protein shake ever.

It doesn't matter what time of the day or mood you're in. Shake Shop has an indulgence for everyone at all times of the night. Its menu of Florida State themed shakes like the War Chant Chop, Tally Always Wins, and Inappropriate Capitol Shapes can excite any resident of Tallahassee into visiting Shake Shop - even a post-workout milkshake!