“Go to college,” they said! “It’ll be fun,” they said!… Until you find yourself scrambling through the change at the bottom of your desk just to buy a $2 coffee.

We know how hard it is to juggle spending habits and escape from Salmo – we’ve all been there. That’s why I’m here to share some super duper important info with y’all: where to get some dank food for less than $10.

1. B’z Breakfast Burgers & Beyond


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

This place is literally 2 minutes from Bryant and it serves some awesome food: breakfast lunch and dinner. And not to worry – they serve breakfast food all day long. The “Hungry Man” consists of 3 eggs, home fries, bacon or sausage AND pancakes or french toast – a HUGE plate for a not so huge budget.

But wait, there’s more. For lunch or dinner, their appetizers are big enough to be considered a meal. They offer everything from fried lobster ravioli to onion deep fried green beans and almost all are under $10.

2. Rocco’s Pub & Grub


Photo courtesy of roccospubandgrub.com

One pound of wings is $9.95 – the best (and hardest) part is there are 50 flavors of rubs and seasonings to choose from – bourbon whiskey to garlic parmesan. Classic favorites like buff chicken sandwiches and chipotle chicken wraps are paired with the best hand cut fries and are only $9.95 each.

If it couldn’t get any better, they have specials on Wednesdays, like $.50 wings and $4 margaritas. Sign me the f up. Be sure to follow their Facebook for updates on specials.

3. Laura’s Pleasant View Diner


GIF courtesy of summerlandish.com

PVD is described as “a little place with a big heart,” and you’re gonna need a big stomach to finish your plate. The serving sizes are huge and the best part is it’s so inexpensive that you can even splurge on getting a chocolate milk instead of a free ice water. For breakfast, my all time favorite is the sausage egg and cheese on a bagel. It’s the bomb.com and cheaper than a Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich.

The food is so good that you wonder how they can charge so little for it. But you don’t ask questions. You just stuff your face.

4. Such A Bagel


Photo courtesy of Erin Davis

This is where I go if I’m too hungover to sit down for a meal at PVD, or even leave the car, because there’s a drive-thru. It’s simply perfection. My #1 choice is a BLT on a sesame bagel…can you tell I love bfast sammiches?

Their coffee flavors are the cherry on top: apple crisp, snickerdoodle, and pumpkin spice for the basic white girls in all of us. You can easily get a filling bagel and an iced coffee for less than $10. Hangover cured. 🙂

5. Pick Pockets


Photo courtesy of Pick Pockets in Smithfield

If you’re feeling daring, Pick Pockets is an awesome place to experiment with your taste buds. I had never tried Gryo before, but I’m now in love with it because of the awesome Greek creations they have, and especially cause they’re only $7.50 for a hefty serving. For those of you who would rather stick to the classics, wraps and grinders are available too.

6. J’s Deli


GIF courtesy of shemazing.net

I’m convinced that someone decided to put Such A Bagel, Pick Pockets and J’s Deli in the same little strip attached to a gas station solely for students at Bryant. Being able to stop at one place with three different food options is such a beautiful thing, and even more glorious because J’s is just as cheap as the other two establishments. It’s a college kid’s heaven.

J’s Deli is a classic sub shop with choices like paninis, wraps and classic grinders.

7. Dave’s Market Place


Photo courtesy of davesmarketplace.com

The coolest grocery store I’ve been to, hands down. Their thin crust pizza is sizzled to perfection under a brick oven, and then displayed behind a glass wall for all to drool over. You can get four square slices for literally $3.49. #Blessed.

Flavors vary daily, so no matter when you go to pick yourself up a slice of heaven, you’ll always be surprised. (Pro Tip: makes for the best drunchies after a late night.)

8. East Side Pockets


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

Located on Thayer Street in Prov, you’ll have to drive a bit further for it but I promise it’s worth the extra few minutes. A member of our chapter, Josh, swears by this little Mediterranean place because it’s so good and so cheap. Full plate dinners are paired with a small garden salad, a side of Jedra (lentils and rice) and a piece of Syrian bread – never more than $9.

9. Trattoria Pizza


Photo courtesy of trattoria-pizza.com

If you love calzones as much as I do, you’ll really appreciate what Trattoria Pizza has to offer. This little pizza place is located in Lincoln, right next to Trattoria Romana. It’s owned by the same people, so you can think of Trattoria Romana as Trattoria Pizza’s big brother. It’s absolutely perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their week’s pay at Trattoria Romana. Their calzones are delicioso and, of course, under $10.

10. Marchetti’s Restaurant


Photo by Dani Crepeau

For the Italian food lover in you. Stuff your face with all the glutens you want with no judgement. All of their sandwiches and appys are less than $10.

If you really wanna break the bank, you can get a plate of pasta to feed an army for $12.95 (I know I’m cheating a little but seriously, a huge serving penne a la vodka for $13? Count me in…).

I’m hungry now. I hope this has given you some insight as to where you should go the next time you just need a break from Salmo while still ballin out on a budget like I know you all can.