There are many reasons to go to Lollapalooza: kick-ass music artists, amazing city views, and chill Chicago vibes, just to name a few. But if you’re like me, there’s one other MAJOR draw—the food. Sure, it's advertised as a music festival, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t try one (or two or three) of the spectacular Lollapalooza food options.

Celebrity chef Graham Elliot has been Lollapalooza’s culinary ambassador for the last several years, putting together the vendor lineup to ensure the food embodies Chicago and the top-notch music. With his leadership, the festival always brings in new and exciting fare while still sticking to some Chicago mainstay roots like Harold’s Chicken Shack and Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza. Probably the most unique dish comes from Elliot himself—a lobster corndog smothered in aioli (I didn’t know I needed lobster on a stick until I saw this beauty).

ice cream, ice, cream
Leah Valenti

Other popular menu items this year included gourmet grilled cheeses from Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, a rainbow ice cream cone from Original Rainbow Cone, and a giant plate of potato chips from BJ’s Market & Bakery.

Equipped with immense hunger from having twerked for four straight hours, I got to try many of the dishes offered at Lolla, and I can truly say hats off to Elliot for the delectable choices and to the vendors for putting up with the hordes of festival goers. I’m sure it’s not easy dealing with that many people clad in flower headbands, basketball jerseys, and aggressive amounts of glitter, but I’m sure glad they did!