Have you ever come back from a long, crazy night at Shooters with a craving for some late night food? Ever had the munchies but not known where to go? Well, we’ve decided to help you out and find some of the best late night food Duke and the surrounding Durham community has to offer.

1. Cosmic Cantina

Well-known among Duke students, Cosmic has the self-proclaimed “Best Mexican Food On The Planet.” They offer some great cheese quesadillas, chips and guac, and queso dip. 

2. Cook-Out


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What’s better than a cheeseburger, french fries, and a milkshake at 3 am? Probably nothing, and we can thank Cook-Out for helping us fulfill our greasy food cravings. With 40 milkshakes on their extensive menu, Cook-Out never fails to impress even the most experienced late night eater.

3. Pitchforks

Sunday comfort food ?

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Pitchforks (aka Cafe Edens) is one of the only campus eateries that is open 24/7. Located on West Campus in the basement of the McClendon Tower, Pitchforks offers a wide variety of food from breakfast quesadillas to steak to falafel, so you can basically get anything you want to eat here at any time of day.

4. Domino’s

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Like Cosmic Cantina, Domino’s is a classic spot for hungry Duke students, probably because they deliver and take food points. Whether you choose to order the cheesy bread, pizza, or Cinna Stix (or all three), the food comes quickly and is always delicious. Bonus: they’re the fastest pizza delivery on campus.

5. Jimmy John’s

What is great about Jimmy John’s sandwiches is that you can order them straight to your door with pickles, chips, a cookie, and a soda on the side. The food comes in no time, especially if you live on East Campus. 

6. Waffle House

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Waffle House is definitely the place to go if you’re ever craving breakfast food late at night. Not only do they offer waffles, but you can also order eggs, hash browns, or, if you aren’t a breakfast fan, a cheeseburger. 

7. Heavenly Buffaloes

Nice day for a wing fest in the sun. #HappySunday

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If you’re a wings fan, Heavenly Buffaloes should be your go-to restaurant. They offer all different types of wings: bone-in, boneless, and even vegan, all topped with sauces of your choosing. Heavenly Buffaloes also delivers to Duke, making it an easy late night snacking spot.


Happy Eating!

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