Planning to study abroad? If you want to go see Big Ben, you are not alone. London is home to over 100,000 international students from 220 countries.  Each one of London's neighborhoods has a unique atmosphere, from hipster grunge to celebrity-style rooftop bars. Best way to see everything? A little food adventure with the city's best ice cream shops. So get your Apple Maps and tube passes ready because five words: "salted. caramel. oreo. brownie. milkshake."  

8. La Gelateria

Located on a winding pedestrian-only street, La Gelateria is one of London's most awarded and most aesthetic gelato shops. The shop is focused on the idea of "slow food," from full decadent gelatos to vegan sorbets. 

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: One scoop Honey, Rosemary and Orange Zest and one scoop Fresh Watercress and Lime.

7. Yolkin Macaron Ice Cream

French macarons made the English way. The store's owner hated throwing away egg yolks after making macarons, so she always made gelato with the leftovers. The result? "Yolkin," (pronounced yolk-in) a small batch ice cream company with some incredible rotating flavors.

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Cookies and Cream.

6. The Sloan Brothers

The Sloan Brothers created frozen yogurt in a bowler hat in East London, and they are still selling it today. Choose a simple cup or some crazy toppings at the original frozen yogurt shop.

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Original Vanilla.

5. Tombo

Matcha everything. Walk into Tombo for matcha brownies, cheesecake, lattes, and ice cream. Opt for a sundae to try all of the above.

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Matcha Monaka.

4. Milk Train

This shop is Insta-famous for obvious reasons.  With three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and matcha, and the opportunity to cover your cone in a cloud of cotton candy, you'll be 100% on board. 

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Matcha Cone with Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Sprinkles, and Cotton Candy Cloud.

3. Gelupo

Across the street from its sister Italian restaurant, Bucca di Leppo, this gelato is one of the best London has to offer. Popular seasonal flavors such as white truffle and blood orange, as well as strong basics, give you a large variety of options. 

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Chocolate.

2. Miki's Paradise

The "freakshake" is the latest ice cream fad no one is complaining about. Miki's throws everything it has into some amazing masterpieces. This little shop is also well known for its fresh smoothies and crepes, so bring friends to try a bit of everything!

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Salted Carmel Oreo Brownie Freakshake.

1. Gelateria 3BIS

With two main locations in Italy, Gelateria 3BIS is authentic perfection. The gelato is thick, creamy, and holds texture unlike any other shop on this list. They source top ingredients locally and use them. Oh, and when they ask you if you would like chocolate on the bottom... say yes.

Grace O'Neil

Pictured: Dark Chocolate and Custard.

It's never too early to start planning your study abroad, and London isn't just famous for its ice cream. Grab cheap theater tickets, see world-class music artists, and discover the countless open-air markets throughout the city.

Wherever you go for your study abroad adventure, just remember, one of the best ways to experience a new culture and explore a new country is through the food!