Believe it or not, people actually go on dates in college! It's definitely on the rare side, though. That’s why when you do snag a hot date, you want it to be memorable for both parties involved. But since we're broke AF college students, going to a 5-star candle-lit restaurant isn't really the move (not to mention way too much pressure). Luckily, I've found some of the best hot date spots in San Diego on a college budget, and I'm going to share them with you right here.

Even if the only dates you're currently going on are with your froomies or sorority sisters, these places are BOMB. They'll totally keep your checking account in the positives without sacrificing quality. 

#4: The Mission

When dinner is too much of a commitment and just "grabbing coffee" seems too casual, a brunch date is your happy medium. You definitely can't go wrong with The Mission's laid-back atmosphere and to die for french toast, pancakes, and breakfast burritos. Each entree averages about $10-$12, and its location in the heart of Mission Beach gives you the perfect excuse to hit up the rides at Belmont Park and cruise by the beach together afterward. 

Olivia Hunt

#3: The Melt

If you and your date are cheese connoisseurs (congrats, you're already compatible!) then hit up The Melt in La Jolla. Its wide array of mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and burgers cost anywhere from $5-$8. After chillin' at the beach or perusing the shops in La Jolla for a few hours, you could definitely use the carbs. Can't decide whether you're craving mac and cheese or grilled cheese? Order the signature "Mac Daddy" (pictured below), a truly beautiful combo.

Olivia Hunt

#2: Holy Matcha

For a drink or a quick bite, this insanely aesthetic tea room in North Park makes for a picture-perfect date. San Diego's first Matcha-based cafe features specialty teas, lattes, and lemonade (garnished with edible flowers!). Its donuts, toast, and waffles also taste as good as they look. Menu items range from $5-$7. Sharing an amazing avocado toast with a hot date: priceless. 

Olivia Hunt

#1: Somi Somi Ice Cream

Dessert dates may be the best dates, TBH. This unique Korean soft serve shop in Convoy sells fish-shaped waffle cones for $5.95 (with unlimited toppings!). If your date can't make your eyes light up, a Nutella-filled waffle cone will. 

Olivia Hunt

Money is tight for most people in college, so the quality of your date shouldn't depend on whether or not you get taken to a super fancy restaurant. If you're with the right person (and eating some awesome food), any type of date will be a blast.