After the living in what felt like the Arctic this past winter, frozen treats may be the last thing on your mind. You probably are still frozen from “Blizzard 2K16” that swept the east coast about a month ago. However, since the groundhog did not see his shadow, spring is among us, which means the return of frozen treats. Here are my top picks that will conquer your sugar craving while giving you the ultimate brain freeze.

D’Ascenzo’s Gelato


Photo courtesy of D’Acscenzo Facebook

D’Ascenzo’s Gelato is a staple in downtown West Chester.  The owners of D’Ascenzo’s, Glenn and Kristin D’Ascenzo came up with the idea of making a gelato shop after their trip to Rome in 1999. When they opened their shop in April of 2011, they wanted to provide the people of West Chester an authentic Italian experience when they entered the shop. The gelato is made from wholesome dairy products and they only use fruits that are in season. Lastly, all of their gelato is made in the shop each day, to make sure the product is the best quality for the customer.

 Kiwi Frozen Yogurt


Photo courtesy Of Kiwi Yogurt West Chester Facebook

Frozen Yogurt has been the new craze these last couple of years. Froyo is known to be the healthier alternative to ice cream, and this is why many people opt for it. However, at Kiwi, there is a wide array of chocolatey goodness and candy toppings that outweigh this healthier version of ice cream. Yes there are the fruit toppings and nuts to add on, but come on, who is really going to choose those options when you go out with friends on a Wednesday night? Even though Kiwi is a chain, the one in West Chester has a better sense of home to me compared to others.



Photo courtesy of @GEMELLIGELATO on Instagram

One of the two newest sweet spots in town, Gemelli, opened up in downtown West Chester last May and has been a hit ever since. Like D’Ascenzo’s the gelato will give customers an authentic feel and will make them feel like they are sitting in a gelato shop in Italy. The owner of Gemelli, Vincenzo, was raised in Emilia-Romagna Italy, and when he met his wife Julianne while she was studying abroad, he decided to pack up and move to the states. These two lovebirds brought their love for gelato and Italian culture to their store in West Chester. All the ingredients are fresh from Pennsylvania farms, so you are getting exactly what you are paying for without surprise additives or ingredients.

The West Chester Coffee and Ice Cream Bar


Photo courtesy of West Chester Coffee and Ice Cream Bar Facebook

The other newest sweet spot in town is The West Chester Ice Cream and Coffee Bar. It opened in late December of this past year, and it has been a hit ever since. This ice cream shop offers a lot of different flavors, while incorporating a large amount of coffees to the menu. It’s a combination of a Starbucks and a classic ice cream parlor. Whether you want to have a cold treat, a hot cup of joe, a place to sit and read (or all three you) can do that here.

However you want to accommodate your sweet tooth, you are destined to find a top spot in downtown West Chester. Whether it’s authentic Italian gelato, a cup of frozen yogurt, or the traditional bowl of ice cream, West Chester offers it all, you’re bound to find your frozen treat “niche” in town.