While most people rave about the restaurants in Charleston, very few know about the many food trucks that have been up and coming in the city. With a town that is flourishing with college students and young adults, no one has the money to be paying for filet mignon or oysters on the half shell.

From tacos, to popsicles, to mac n cheese, Charleston has got you covered. So the next time you plan on going out, ditch the reservation anxiety and look for one of these trucks in Chuck instead. 

1. Roti Rolls 

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Roti Rolls are everything you love about a sandwich but served in a southeastern flatbread. The flatbread's original name, roti paratha, is basically a fried pancake-like flatbread cooked over a flat grill. With clever names like "Shrimpin' Ain't Easy" and "Funky Farmer" you'll want to ditch your basic BLT and grab one of these instead.

2. Auto Banh

Auto Banh is a Vietnamese inspired food truck that provides all of the essentials: sandwiches, spring rolls and salads. A personal fave of mine is the classic auto-bahn mi with Chinese BBQ pork. It's the perfect way to be adventurous with your palate yet not drift too far away from the basics of Charleston. 

3. BKed Pretzel

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Who wouldn't want a food truck dedicated solely to pretzels? BKeD Pretzel is perfect for a snack on the go. Make sure to try some of their special sauces and to check out their other other food truck, BKeD,  which supplies the best melted sandwiches and baked goods in Charleston.

4. Diggity Doughnuts 

Ok listen up everyone, if you haven't listed doughnuts as one of your favorite breakfast foods then you haven't experienced doughnuts like these before. With the fluffiest dough and most creative frostings and toppings, good luck trying to order just one. And for all of you vegans out there, there's no need to worry; these are vegan certified.

5. The Juice Joint

This isn't your classic food truck but who said juices can't be meal replacements? Providing you with fresh, high protein drinks you can get your balanced satisfaction of healthy and yummy. And just in case you aren't feeling the most inspired to order juice as a meal, they also make healthy pick-me-ups such as avocado toast and açaí bowls. 

6. King of Pops

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Charleston is a city that doesn't experience cold weather often. So for many of their residents cold snacks are something that are enjoyed 75% of the year. King of Pops is a food truck that serves the perfect cool down snack: hand made popsicles. In case you're like me and enjoy chocolate over fruit, make sure to try one of their chocolate sea salt pops!

7. Mac Daddy

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Ooey-gooey goodness: that is all. Mac n cheese is rarely accompanied alone but rather served with fried chicken or bacon and truffle oil. And in case that is too basic for you, make sure to order their mac-a-dilla. With a truck like this, you'll never have to look for a sugar daddy again, but will find a Mac Daddy instead.

8. Outta My Huevos

You'll definitely be yelling at people to get out of your way so that you can get to Outta My Huevos. This food truck specializes in Mexican brunch but in an easy, on-the-run manner. For those of you who are downtown and go to the Saturday Farmer's Market, swing by this food truck and enjoy their Crispy Chicken Biscuit as you stroll through Marion Square.

9. The Immortal Lobster

I'm going to have to admit, I find it really weird to order any lobster dish all the way down in South Carolina. But for those of us who don't have the delight to travel to Maine for fresh lobster, it is a blessing this food truck exists. The owner and chef, Chris York, was born and raised in Maine and traveled all the way down to Charleston to show the rest of us what we have been missing out on. Serving you with the basic lobster roll, York also serves lobster tacos and lobster grilled cheese (holy yum!)

10. Dulce

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My favorite part of a wedding is the cake...skip the whole ceremony, just get to the cake. The owner and baker of this food truck was originally, and still is a wedding cake baker but decided to expand her skills and join the food truck world. Serving baked goods accompanied with specialty sweet teas, you most certainly won't be disappointed.

11. Little Star Of The Caribbean

Tip of advice, if you can't afford that all inclusive trip to the Caribbean, book a trip to this food truck instead. Serving you food from Puerto Rico and Cuba, you'll get to try this specialized cuisine and still feel like you traveled all the way there but didn't become bankrupt while doing it. With specialties like slow roasted pernil and albondigas, your stomach will be begging you for more. 

12. Platia

I think the term "opa" is the only way to praise the fact that there is a Greek food truck in Charleston. The Greek gods have answered our prayers. Search no more for your go-to gyro or Greek salad and delight your taste buds with the taste of lamb and chicken. Make sure you grab an extra side of tzatziki sauce because you'll be wanting to put it on everything!

13. Avila

Prepare yourself, and your mouth, for this food truck. Authentically developed by a Venezuelan native, you will be glad you were introduced to their signature spicy meats and avocado queso. But don't leave with just one of their specialty platters, make sure you try one of their drinks such as Papelón con limón (Venezuelan limeade) to quench your hot tongue after taking a bite into your meal.