Getting bored of the library? Sick of your daily Starbucks drink? We can all relate. If you want to switch up your study space and try some quirky coffee drinks, we recommend giving these Dallas coffee shops a try. Whether you want just a drink or a treat to go along with it, there is something for everyone. And these new study spots will definitely help you stay focused on that huge test that’s coming up.

Ascension Coffee

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Located in the Design District of Dallas, this coffee house provides a cozy and homey place to study. Not only do they have great drinks, but the food here is also amazing. Sip on a hot latte while enjoying Umpqua Oatmeal, homemade Ascension Granola, and for you avocado lovers out there — avocado toast for brunch.

Sip Stir Cafe

Some favorites here include a refreshing cold brew coffee, or a more sweet creme brûlée or s’mores latte. You can also try the unique peanut butter or orange cream frost. Want to go more healthy? Sip Stir also provides more natural and organic options, such as adding almond milk rather than cream or milk. The contemporary vibe provides a productive place to study.

Union Coffee House

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Union Coffee House is the best place to study with large groups. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating as well as conference rooms and big tables, this is the place to go if you need to get some serious work done. Enjoy your Hazelnut Iced Latte, while also knowing that Union acts as a non-profit supporting the Dallas community. It’s an all around great place to study and way to benefit the greater Dallas area.

The Wild Detectives

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The Wild Detectives provides the ultimate homey feel since it is located inside a renovated house. Not only is it a literal coffee HOUSE, but the quaint bookstore and record shop located inside increases it the coffee place’s overall coziness factor. Enjoy your coffee at the window seats inside or at one of the outdoor tables. Need a book for a homework assignment? Just browse what The Wild Detectives have to offer. If you want a treat with your coffee, try one of their popular “tostas,” a type of Mediterranean toast.

Happy studying.