I don't think this is normal, but I was raised to love beer. My dad used to buy me non-alcoholic beer as a child (without mom's approval), and during family vacations we would venture to any brewery in sight looking for the best craft brewery out there. What I found was that these breweries have their own unique culture, and some amazingly unique beers. They are a place to make wonderful memories, and to meet some of the most interesting people. So, if you're like me and have a passion for grabbing a good brew, or you simply just want to know where to get one, take a look at the best craft breweries in America.

Alabama: Avondale Brewing Company

If you like options, this is the place for you. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Avondale Brewing Company offers more than just your average tap room. They have a special, Sour Tap Room, with an array of uniquely crafted sour, wild ales (my mouth is watering just thinking about it). And if you end up wanting to show off your Avondale pride, they've got a trendy selection of merchandise you can snag.

Alaska: Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

Let me start off by saying that Alaska is a place you must visit (I went when I was little). It's got some pretty cool history and a beautiful landscape. And now that I'm older, I hear it's got some refreshing beer as well. Midnight Sun Brewing Company is the second oldest brewery in Alaska. That means, it's been working hard to perfect its brews for about 23 years. Another perk? They make their beer with glacier fed water—that's some pretty fresh stuff right there.

Arizona: Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

I want you guys to remember a number: 21. You're probably thinking I chose that number because it's the drinking age (that's important too), but it's also the amount of beers Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co has on tap. That's like a lot of beers, which directly translates to a lot of fun.

Arkansas: Ozark Beer Co.

Hard work and a "can-do" attitude is what Ozark Beer Co. is all about, and it shows in the quality of their brews. Their reviews praise them as they offer anything from a cream stout to a classic pale ale. In addition, their beer menu tells you the best foods to pair them with, making the drinking experience exemplary for us foodies out there.

California: Monkish Brewing Co.

Monkish Brewing Co is a brewery and taproom that's  located in Torrance, California. I'm quite interested by the company because not only does it look like a trendy warehouse (photo op), but the design of their bottles is really cool. So, not only can I look #chic, but I can do so with a really good beer.

Colorado: Bristol Brewing Co.

Bristol Brewing Co. is a popular spot in Colorado for locals and tourists alike. It's located in what was once an elementary school, built in 1916, but has now been transformed into a community marketplace. I recommend stopping in on a Tuesday—that's when they have their Karma Hour, a dope way to give non-profits the publicity they deserve.

Connecticut: Two Roads Brewing Co.

Why you should go to Two Roads Brewing Co? Three reasons: beer, friends, and food trucks. The brewery doesn't have their own menu, but outside vendors come daily to dish out some flavorful food to pair with your bitter IPA, or your hefty stout. Oh, and a tip: Get there early on Saturdays (everybody wants in). 

Delaware: Dogfish Head

If you know about craft beer, you know that Dogfish Head is a very successful company. The brewery itself is situated in Delaware, but has distributors all over the country. Over time, Dogfish has become a bit of an empire—it has multiple restaurants and an inn. My advice? Plan out a few days to explore what this "brewpire" has to offer.

Florida: Tequesta Brewing Co.

Attention all exercise buffs: Tequesta Brewing Company is the place for you. On certain Sundays, the brewery offers a "Gears and Beers" program where customers can take a guided bike ride on local trails and then return to TBC for happy hour drinks. Can you say, refreshing?

Georgia: Monday Night Brewing

Georgia previously had some pretty strict beer consumption laws (I'm talking consumer sales, people). Luckily, they have recently been lifted, which means that Monday Night Brewing is ready for craft beer fanatics. They recently opened up a secondary venue called, Garage, a large brewing location with A/V setup, a courtyard, as well as a bar. 

Hawaii: Maui Brewing Co.

Two words: draft van. Maui Brewing Company offers its customers a portable taproom. Basically, you can rent out one of their beer-filled vehicles and a beertender for an event you're hosting. That's 10 delicious beers on tap, exclusively for for you and your pals. Oh, and they also have a ton of restaurants you should check out, too.

Idaho: Payette Brewing Co.

Idaho is known for more than just its potatoes. Payette Brewing Company has a taproom that is connected to an outdoor facility with not only a food truck, but lawn games as well. It's also located right on the Boise River, offering up some breathtaking views. And yes, you can bring your dog.

Illinois: Two Brothers Artisan Brewing

I'm pretty into these guys, I mean, not only do they serve beer, but they have five restaurants as well. That means more locations, more fun, and most importantly, more beer. Two Brothers Artisan Brewing is a great spot to stop by for a cold one, and if you're a coffee lover, they even have a few roasts you can purchase online.

Indiana: New Day Craft Mead and Hard Cider

Beer and a massage? Count me in. New Day Craft Mead and Hard Cider offers its customers $10, 10-minute massages on Wednesdays, with a glass of any year-round brew. I don't know about you guys, but beer already has the power to calm me down, so if you pair it with a massage, I'm in heaven.

Iowa: Big Grove Brewery

Big Grove Brewery has been praised for its exemplary customer service, food, and of course, their beer. The company operates in two locations, one in Iowa City, and the other in Solon. Both venues are casual places to grab a drink and some killer eats with friends.

Kansas: Hopping Gnome Brewery

I think this brewery's name is a good enough reason to give it a try. Hopping Gnome Brewery is a relatively young company, but they are taking over the craft beer scene in Wichita. Their brewery offers free popcorn to go along with your beer, and they've also teamed up with a local pizza place to deliver some good eats.

Kentucky: Country Boy Brewing

Apparently, Country Boy Brewing has a dark ale, Shotgun Wedding, that keeps bringing people back. It's made with real vanilla beans, giving the brew a very unique flavor. I'm not one for dark beers, but I think I might have to give this one a try.  

Lousiana: Tin Roof Brewing Co.

An ex-lawyer and an ex-banker created this brewing machine. Through combining their passion for beer, Tin Roof Brewing Company was born. The brewery is all about having a good time, so I'm guessing that's why they offer "Yoga on Tap" on Wednesdays. I recommend you grab your friends, and take advantage of this nontraditional yoga (and beer) experience.

Maine: Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Co. is a charity ninja. They are part of a "1 percent for the Planet" program where they donate 1 percent of their proceeds to different non-profits, which totally justifies their slogan, "Do what's right." So, when you start to feel bad that you're spending all your money on their brews, at least you can be comforted by the knowledge that you're helping those in need.

Maryland: Heavy Seas Beer

I am happy to say that Heavy Seas Beer also prides itself on giving back. Every case of beer that they sell donates a portion of its proceeds to the Clean Water Fund, a non-profit that is dedicated to providing communities with clean water. And you know what clean water means? Clean beer.

Massachusetts: Tree House Brewery

Tree House Brewery's location is ideal for the outdoors enthusiast—it's essentially in the middle of the woods. The brewery itself is well-known not only in New England, but nationwide for its IPAs. There's about eight that they sell, and I'm looking forward to trying them all.

Michigan: Arcadia Ales

Basically, I need to get to Michigan. Arcadia Ales has something to do pretty much every night. From trivia and arts and crafts, to disc golf and happy hours, boredom does not exist in this seemingly magical place. They also have a cool deal with Twisted Tail catering, so be sure to check it out.

Minnesota: Lift Bridge Brewing Co.

So apparently, Lift Bridge Brewing Company has killer brews like Farm Girl (pictured above), and their milk stout called The Warden. It's a quaint spot in Minnesota, and it never fails to provide good company. They do not serve food, but they do offer some popcorn for snacking, and provide the occasional food truck.

Mississippi: Lazy Magnolia Brewery

Mississippi's oldest brewery, Lazy Magnolia, is a pit stop you have to venture to (especially if you're used to a bustling, city life). The company prides themselves on classic, southern hospitality, which means good food, good brews and happy people. You can quite literally grab a beer and sit on the porch and relax. Doesn't that sound fun?

Missouri: Side Project Brewing

Besides the company's name, you wouldn't think Side Project Brewing had anything to do with beer. The company was started by a wine enthusiast turned beer lover, which contributes to the aesthetic of the brewery's bottles (they look like mini bottles of wine). With that being said, the beer is actually quite delicious and features hints of oak.

Montana: Big Sky Brewing Co.

Big Sky Brewing Co. makes some bangin' brews, but their specialty is their brown ale, Moose Drool. It's only 171 calories, which if you ask me, isn't too bad. Plus, it has coffee and cocoa mixed into its delightful flavor. I should also mention that the company has paired up with the Humane Society of Western MT to encourage the adoption of cuddly friends.

Nebraska: Lucky Bucket Brewing Co.

Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. has a beer called Certified Evil, and I'm into it. It's a stout, so it's heavy, but like, how cool would you look drinking it? Plus, this brewery is into history, I mean, even its name goes back to the roots of drinkin'.

Nevada: Banger Brewing

It's time for all of you spicy-food loving humans to come together and take a trip to Vegas. Banger Brewing has a tasty-looking brew called El Heffe. It's got more than four peppers infused it (including jalapeño), so you can bet it's packed with a fiery punch. Not into it? No worries, they've got a coffee-flavored beer, which I'm pretty sure all of America would love. 

New Hampshire: Canterbury Aleworks

People rave about the quaint, Canterbury Aleworks situated in the countryside of Massachusetts. The staff, a man named Steve, is very knowledgeable about his brews, and he makes his customers feel at home. The drive is a bit off the main road, but those who have made it have no regrets. 

New Jersey: Cape May Brewing Co.

For those of you who don't know, Cape May is a gem, and it just got a whole lot more sparkly because of this local find. Cape May Brewing Co. supplies Southern Jersey with a relaxed and comfortable setting to grab a beer with some friends. Plus, their brew crew seems like they're bundles of fun.

New Mexico: La Cumbre Brewing Co.

Whenever I make it to New Mexico, this is my first stop. La Cumbre Brewing Co. pairs its beers with local food trucks and live music. In addition, their industrial setting looks unique and inviting. If you love being surrounded by positive vibes, this place seems to radiate them like crazy.

New York: Other Half Brewing

Other Half Brewing is pretty new (founded 2014), but that's not stopping them from dominating. Located in Brooklyn, their taproom is a beer fiesta. There's a total of 20 beers on tap, so picky people are welcome.

North Carolina: Lazy Hiker Brewing

If you're the outdoorsy type, then Lazy Hiker Brewing is the place for you. It's located only 11 miles from the Appalachian Trail, and only about three from the Bartram Trail. It's a great place to cool off (or warm up), after a long hike, and an even better place to grab a refreshing brew.

North Dakota: Fargo Brewing Co.

Fargo Brewing knows how much the people in North Dakota love beer, and they've made it their mission to produce the best. Wood Chipper in particular appears to be a fan favorite. The company also hosts Drunk Spelling Bees (you can guess what goes down). They're all about having fun and enjoying good company, something that we can all benefit from.

Ohio: Rhinegeist Brewery

If you're heading to Cincinnati, I highly recommend Rhinegeist Brewery. I went to have a good time, and that's exactly what happened. They have a large facility, including an area for ping pong and cornhole, and a rooftop. And yes, they have some tasty beer as well. 

Oklahoma: Marshall Brewing Co.

Marshall Brewing Co. is a reduce, reuse, recycle facility. About 90 percent of their dry non-food items are recycled using the local, Shikoba Recycling company. They also donate their used grain to cattle farms nearby. So, if you're looking for a good brew that gives back, head on over.

Oregon: Breakside Brewery

Breakside Brewery is so popular that they have three different locations in Oregon. I'm talking Northeast, Southeast and Northwest (some serious dedication). I mean, they have beers called Rainbows and Unicorns and Mic Drop IPA—you've gotta check it out. 

Pennsylvania: Bonn Place Brewing

Guys, heaven is real, and I need to go ASAP. Bonn Place Brewing offers a happy hour every day, something that every poor, (legal) college student needs to take advantage of. The place itself even has a cozy and rustic vibe, meaning your beer experience is about to be the definition of tranquility.

Rhode Island: Newport Storm Brewery

This brewery has six taps at a time, and offers a rum line for those of us who want something a bit stronger. Newport Storm Brewery is located in the lovely, Newport, Rhode Island, and is an excellent pit stop for locals and travelers alike. One of the coolest parts? It was started by four buddies from college.

South Carolina: River Rat Brewery

Let's talk about Fridays at River Rat Brewery. If you show up in a River Rat hat or t-shirt, you get happy hour prices all night. You can even bring your friends who love wine, because they've got some of that, too. So basically, this brewery has the formula for a wicked, fun night.

South Dakota: Sick-N-Twisted Brewery

Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co. is a farm to brew experience. They use local ingredients to make their beers, and have a total of 18 on tap. If you're feeling hungry they have a food menu and a free ice cream tasting for kids (best babysitter ever?).

Tennessee: Yazoo Brewing Co.

This Tennessee brewery, Yazoo Brewing Company, wants ya'll to "embrace the funk." They've got a line of sour beers, something that's pretty fun and unique for the beer scene. Oh, and the company was started by a broke, college student. #Inspirational

Texas: Hops & Grain Brewing

One word: dogs. Although Hops & Grain Brewing doesn't allow dogs actually inside the brewery, they are welcome to hang out on the patio with you and your friends. Like some of these other companies, Hops & Grain also gives back to their community, and believes in sustainability. Don't forget to stop by to try some of their World Beer Cup Gold Medal winning brews.

Utah: Wasatch Brewery

Are you 21 and a student? Good news: You get 10 percent off your meal with your student ID. They've also got two locations, so that means you can eat and drink cheap in more places. Not to mention, Wasatch Brewery has been open since 1986, so you best believe they know what they're doin'.

Vermont: The Alchemist

Ugh, The Alchemist. I visit this brewery every summer, and it never fails to put a smile on my face (and a dent in my dad's pocket). They deliver some pretty killer brews, some of my favorites being Focal Banger and Heady Topper. But I have to stop talking about it, the separation anxiety is kicking in.

Virginia: Star Hill Brewery

If you like live music, Star Hill Brewery is the spot for you. They feature live acts almost every week, taking your brewery experience to the next level. If you can't make it to Star Hill yourself, do not fret—the company beers are actually featured at multiple music festivals across the state (I'm crying, too).

Washington: Two Beers Brewing Co.

This brewery believes that "life is just a little more honest after two beers," and I'd have to agree. Two Beers Brewing Co. focuses on what matters: cherishing relationships, and slowing down in order to enjoy what's happening around them. They just celebrated their 10th anniversary, so stop by to join in on the fun.

West Virginia: Chestnut Brew Works

If you're looking for beer and good company, Chestnut Brew Works is somewhere you want to be. Pretty much every beer has been reviewed as being superb, so I think the trek to West Virginia is worth it. They also have personality portraits of their staff displayed throughout the brewery, offering good vibes all around.

Wisconsin: Capital Brewery

Great food, great beer, and a female "brewmaster" calling the shots? Hell yeah. Capital Brewery seems like an exciting place to be, especially with their dynamic events ranging from dog masquerades to beer festivals.

Wyoming: Snake River Brewing

This brewery may be the oldest in the state, but it's far from outdated. With modern-style food and a plethora of pun-worthy beers, this Snake River Brewing keeps the creativity flowing. In addition, they can be added to the list of breweries that give back.

It looks like we all have a lot to get done. These breweries offer some killer experiences, and I'm eager to visit them all. From good food to even better brews, each brewery has something for all of us.