This article is the sequel to the original, Best Coffee Shops in Philly for Getting Sh** Done. If you've exhausted those options by now and are looking for some new shops to struggle in, you're in luck.

After expanding my horizons ("can't find the place without a GPS" type of horizons) I've compiled a list of new Philly coffee shops. A list that's raw and uncensored. SHIT YEAH.

When your mind is buzzing with brilliant ideas, or deadlines are coming at you quicker than you can enter them into your iCal, there are only a handful of places you can turn to for good coffee, free wifi, and some peace and quiet. Check it out.

Higher Grounds 

The name is fitting because someone was definitely high when they designed this quirky, mismatched space in Northern Liberties - and that's not a bad thing! I've come up with some innovative shit on the vintage love seat in the corner of this funky cafe.

The friendly baristas are serving up a heavenly blend of coffee, 16 loose leaf teas, unique drink blends, and a variety of sweet treats. Now that we've all officially given up on our New Year's resolutions, there is no excuse not to love a good cafe/bakery combo.

Late risers, rejoice! This is one of the few coffee shops in Philly open late - until 9pm on most days. Doubling as an art gallery and local music venue, there is more than one good reason to spend some time at Higher Grounds.

Good Karma Cafe

What goes around comes around in this earthy cafe, so expect your shit to be successful when you work hard and get it done here! Serving only organic and fair trade certified coffee in compostable cups, and employing the most sustainable business practices, this cafe makes me feel like I'm doing my part to save the polar bears just by waiting in line. 

Enjoy a delicious bowl of soup, sandwich, or specialty drink by the green foliage that adorns each of the four cafe locations. To the hardworking student moms: breastfeeding is welcome! This coffee shop is a hippy-inspired, philosophy-driven haven for hard workers.

River Wards Cafe

In Philly's latest upcoming neighborhood, Port Richmond, you'll find a bright beacon by the Delaware that is the River Wards Cafe. The cafe's industrial-meets-rustic interior is flooded with natural light, setting the mood to create some inspired shit.

Order a hot ReAnimator blend coffee or a skillfully poured latte, and indulge in a Weckerly's ice cream concoction or HelloDonutsPHL goodie. Follow the cafe on social media to see what they're featuring from local food makers this week! 

A quick bus ride from the well known area of Fishtown, Port Richmond is the home of Polish culture in Philly. When you're done working for the day, head down the street and reward yourself with a plate of handmade pierogi!

Bluestone Lane

While Bluestone Lane is famous in Philly for their avocado toast, you might not know that this is prime study spot. Menus vary by location, but the avo toast is available at both their City Hall and Rittenhouse Square stores.

The atmosphere at this coffee shop is clean, crisp, and bright - perfect for when you need to clear your head and just focus on the task at hand. 

This cafe is on the pricier side, and while you probably haven't done anything in the last week to deserve it, go ahead and "treat yourself!"

Go the standard route with a signature teal blue cup of their exclusive coffee blend, or get gutsy with one of their wellness drinks, like the Beetroot or Golden Latte. 

Rival Bros Coffee

The only thing you need to know about this cafe: they have a bread of the day. BREAD. OF. THE. DAY. It's 2018 and carbs are the new black, people. 

Some other things of lesser importance but still good to know: Rival Bros Coffee has three locations in Fitler Square,  Rittenhouse, and Passyunk, each offering wi-fi, $1 coffee refills, and a delicious assortment of baked goods and breads from High Street on Market and other local vendors.

Rival Bros roasts some of the best coffee in Philly, and that's not an easy title to claim. Whether working alone or with a group, this coffee shop has a kick-ass vibe (see logo) that will kick your you-know-what into getting some shit done. 

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Amy Cho

Philadelphia is full of creative, driven, and talented people. When those people need a place to get their shit done, these are the coffee shops in Philly they go to. 

P.S. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!