Lets be honest, we all need a cup of either iced or hot coffee after we finish our morning classes, we’re all wiped out from hours of learning and taking notes, or we need it just to roll out of bed in the morning.  We get sick of the chain coffee places that surround us, eating the same donuts and pastries day after day.  Going to a little café makes it easy to relax after your busy morning, or to prepare for the day ahead of you.

Small Point Café is the place to go. Located on Westmnister Street, here in Providence, Rhode Island, they sell all varieties of coffee, lattes, espressos, and much much more. Let me and my sorority sisters be the first to tell you, all of their food is to die for.


Photo courtesy of Erin McEachern

Okay maybe not literally die, but when you take a bite of one of the bagel sandwiches or even just a regular sandwich you will think you have died and gone to heaven.  You can pair a coffee with a nice giant chocolate chip cookie, or you can pair tea with a gourmet salad. The possibilities truly are endless.

Small Point is a place to go with your friends, or by yourself, to catch up on your homework or take time to catch up on your thoughts. The atmosphere of Small Point is perfect for just sitting down and relaxing. If I haven’t caught your attention yet maybe this will, great food and drinks served by only friendly people, and food made to order. Did I mention that they have free wifi?


Gif courtesy of giphy.com