Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, go-to dessert for many. In an effort to serve those that adore chocolate chip cookies, I compiled a list of some of the best chocolate chip cookies the city has to offer within walking distance of NYU.

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop

The first stop on this cookie trip takes you up a few blocks north from Washington Square Park. At Blue Stripes, you can find the perfect study space or the perfect cookie. Along with their free WiFi, they serve a mean walnut chocolate chip cookie. It has the perfect balance of chewiness and crunch. For those who also like their cookie warm, they heat each one to order. Fun fact: the cafe is also owned by the chocolate masterminds who created Max Brenner, so for those unsure about how good the cookie is, let that fact alone put your mind to rest.

Nicholas Landecho

World's Best Cookie Dough

Don't let the name fool you. While this cookie dough shop has excellent edible cookie dough, they also serve one of the best cookies in all of Manhattan. For those of you that love an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie, this is the place for you. The outside of all of their cookies have a rather crunchy appearance, but the real star of this cookie lies beneath its crust. Within the center of each cookie is molten cookie dough that is utterly life-changing. You get the best of both worlds with this cookie: that satisfaction of the first bite crunch and the tender, fulfilling gooeyness of the second bite once you hit the center of the cookie. Other perks: they are open late (11pm) and it's less than a five minute walk from campus.

Sweets by CHLOE.

By CHLOE. is hands down one of the trendiest places in the Village, serving up creative vegan food as well as a cute atmosphere for the 'gram. On top of it all, they also happen to have a dessert shop next-door, serving what some vegan by CHLOE. aficionados may call the best chocolate chip cookie. The cookies are gluten free and baked fresh every day. It's unsurprising that the cookie is a bestseller. I think my favorite part of this was knowing I was eating a "healthier" cookie, but still having the same satisfaction in taste. Definitely a must try.

Insomnia Cookies

Last, but not least is Insomnia Cookies. This is the classic go-to cookie spot for college students everywhere. Especially on nights out, this place hits the perfect sweet spot by staying open late every night to serve those sugar cravings. They serve a wide variety of cookies, as well as the classic chocolate chip cookie. I consider this cookie one of the best chocolate chip cookies around campus as they are always heated to order and can even be delivered right to your dorm.