There’s grilled and there’s baked, but then there’s everyone’s favorite… fried.


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I can fight all day about the absolute best chicken, and I’m sure you’ve probably gotten into a heated argument over it, too. The members at Spoon LSU have completely different views on their favorite place to grab some chicken in Baton Rouge, and everyone is giving their opinion. Whether it be wings, strips, or on-the-bone, we’re rating it all.

5. BWW


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To the only thing making Tuesdays bearable. Thank you, 64-cent wing night. There’s 52 Tuesdays in a year, so let’s make ’em count.

“BWW is inconsistent and on the expensive side. It can be good when it’s done right, though.”

“64-cent wing night is life.”

While their chicken may be hit-or-miss, there is much more to their menu. They have burgers, wraps, and even salads.

Best time to go: Tuesday.

What to get: Wings basket with a veggie side.

Reason to go: They serve alcohol.

4. Pluckers


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Pluckers isn’t your favorite, but you probably drunkenly crave it and find yourself there after a long night in Tigerland. Get a bite to eat, and wait inside until the Uber arrives.

“Pluckers chicken is a little more bready than chickeney, but their buffalo sauce is so good.”

Their proximity to Tigerland and their awesome appetizers is why they’re rated #4 on our list.


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Best time to go: Post LSU football game.

What to get: Wing Combo.

Reason to go: The macaroni and cheese is to die for.

3. Sneaux Chicken


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Sneaux Chicken is new to the chicken restaurant biz but has quickly made a name for itself thanks to its distinctive taste. Its prime location right outside The House is what makes this place famous among Tigerland partiers.

“Sneaux chicken is good af, and I don’t think it’s because I’m usually really drunk when I eat it.”

Delicious drunk or sober, Sneaux Chicken is climbing to the top and quickly making a name for itself in the chicken world.

Best time to go: 12 a.m.

What to get: Chicken Finger Basket

Reason to go: 3 words: Boom Boom Sauce.

2. Popeyes


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I know someone who works here, and y’all, it really is fresh, never frozen! Popeyes is a Louisiana favorite for sure, and if you’ve had it in any other state, you know it doesn’t taste the same elsewhere. Even homemade Popeye’s chicken doesn’t come out the same, but you can get close to that delicious taste.

“Popeye’s since it’s always crispy and never too greasy like Cane’s can be. Super on point, always.”

Best time to go: Mardi Gras season.

What to get: Spicy 2 piece Bonafide Combo.

Reason to go: It’s seriously so juicy and fresh. Plus, their ranch is amaze. Out-of-towner’s: GO.


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Love that chicken from Popeyes.

1. Raising Canes


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#1 in our stomachs, and #1 in our hearts. It’s the biggest Baton Rouge staple, and it’s gotta be #1 on our list. Nothing beats Raising Canes’ cheap prices and impeccable chicken.

“Cane’s since it’s always so warm and filling.”

“Cane’s because nothing goes better with the sauce!”

Cane’s sauce and toast is what really gets ya. Also, their tenders are always so juicy and never dry.”

Best time to go: Anytime.

What to get: The 3 Finger Combo

Reason to go: Raising Canes is Baton Rouge Royalty (and that’s not a title we throw around lightly). Taste for yourself, although we’re sure you have and completely agree.

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