Imagine, a world in college without the simplicity of cheesy pizza, late night chinese-takeout, or the all too real booty-call to Ben and Jerry when your S.O. breaks your heart. This is a real struggle for many with annoying food allergies. Lucky for me, I’ve perfected the skill of navigating around my own.

To save everyone from the same struggle I faced; I present a list of 4 allergy friendly restaurants around Burlington:

Asiana Noodle Shop

food allergies

Photo by Rena Meisler

Located on Church St. in downtown Burlington, Asiana Noodle Shop is a great option for someone with allergies. Asiana offers many different types of Asian foods, but their specialty is the “Cargo Noodle.” The Cargo Noodle is essentially a build-a-noodle that comes in a big-ass white bowl (what more could you ask for?)

What I Ordered: Udon noodles with tofu and vegetables and a Kim Chee broth,with Kim Chee, tofu, shitake mushrooms and scallions (definitely a step up from my spicy chicken ramen in my dorm.)

Allergy Friendliness: There are tons of options for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets.  You can choose from various types of noodles such as gluten-free rice noodles to green tea noodles and replace tofu with meat in most dishes.
If you have an allergy and you’re craving a big bowl of noodles, Asiana is the place to go.

American Flatbread

food allergies

Photo by Rena Meisler

American Flatbread offers a variety of different flatbreads, from the classic “Medicine Wheel” which is a plain cheese pizza, spiced up with some glamorous herbs. To more interesting combinations like the “Roasted Tomato Salsa” which is essentially a meatless Taco on a pizza, or a Pizza and a Taco’s lovechild.

What I Ordered: “New Vermont Sausage” with mouth-watering maple-fennel sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and fresh herbs with no cheese.

Allergy Friendliness: The staff at American Flatbread was very accommodating with dietary-restrictions. For an extra fee, they even offer gluten-free pizza crust, cooked on a separate pan that is protected by tinfoil.

Uncommon Grounds Tea and Coffee

food allergies

Photo by Rena Meisler

When you finally realize your regular Starbucks isn’t really great coffee or if you’re looking for a calm place to meet up with friends to study, Uncommon Grounds is there for you. They serve a very interesting array of teas and coffees, most of which are roasted in house.

What I Ordered: Chai tea with soy milk

Allergy Friendliness: Soy milk and almond milk and a variety of sweeteners are easily accessible at the counter.  They also offer local and yummy looking pastries and baked goods with tons of vegan options.

Leonardo’s Pizza

food allergies

Photo by Rena Meisler

Last but certainly not least is Leonardo’s Pizza. With two locations in Burlington, it is incredibly convenient for those late night orders we all know happen at least once or twice in college (it happens to the best of us so don’t deny it.)

What I Ordered: Whole wheat pizza with grilled chicken, herbs and sun-dried tomatoes.

Allergy Friendliness: Leonardo’s offers gluten-free pizza crust, a variety of sauces and cheeses, including vegan cheese. The quality and variety of options for your pizza make Leonardo’s a super convenient and cheap option for anyone with any type of allergy or dietary restriction.

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