You've been busy around campus, rushing back and forth between the classroom to the library. After a while, you start to feel hungry, but the dining halls are too far, and frankly, you've had too many GBC quesadillas at this point. The choice comes down to Qualcomm or Brown's Café, but where should you go? Read on to help you decide between the best Berkeley campus eats.

The Location

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Sarah Fung

Brown's is nestled in the heart of the CNR buildings at the corner of campus. If you have classes in the Genetics and Plant Biology Building, definitely stop by because it's on the way, but otherwise, keep in mind that getting there is a bit of a journey.

On the other hand, Qualcomm is located in Sutardja Dai Hall on the north side of campus. I've found that it's a pretty convenient place to grab food, especially if you're taking lots of STEM classes. 

The Atmosphere

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Sarah Fung

On those nice, sunny days, the outdoor seating at Brown's is the perfect place to relax before classes. Inside, the café offers a compact square of seatings and cushiony benches. The whole place just feels modern and cozy.

Qualcomm has fewer outdoor spots, but it has plenty of indoor tables. To spice up your study sessions, check out the eclectic lounge setting at the back of the café.

The Food

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Sarah Fung

At Qualcomm, the veggie/meat wraps served are amazing. For all you first-time wrap-eaters, make sure to get a spinach wrap with the sun-dried tomato aioli. Also know, if you decide to get add-ons, they don't skimp on the avocado slices.

The paninis at Brown's, though, are equally top-notch, and all the ingredients at Brown's are locally-sourced and organic. Plus, you can finish the hot-pressed sandwiches with sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, or even fresh fruit.

Also, as an added perk, both places feature Peet's coffee stations in case you need a caffeinated pick-me-up during the day.

The Verdict

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Sarah Fung

All in all, if you're looking for truly quality food, Brown's is unbeatable. But if you want an accessible place to study and grab a quick bite, Qualcomm is the place for you. But, why not stop by both?