The Wells Country Store is an incredibly popular store for anyone who lives on Lake St. Catherine in Wells and Poultney, Vermont. From breakfast foods to sandwiches to their one of a kind baked goods, this store has made itself an iconic food destination in the Vermont area.

The Atmosphere

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Allison Curley

This country store sells everything from alcohol to Lake St. Catherine clothing to tons of food. It resembles an old fashioned country store where people would go to buy groceries as well as quality baked goods. This theme is fully represented with the historical feel of the building and pictures of locals fishing all over the walls.

It feels quaint and comforting from the moment you step through the door. It has an incredibly friendly and yet bustling environment, featuring a lot of "regulars" and family customers. I have never been in the place without at least a few people waiting in line because everyone knows just how good it is. 

With it's iconic wood detailing and endless product supply, the Wells Country Store feels very homey, and is always filled with the smell of fresh doughnuts. Whether you're looking for last minute groceries or fresh muffins for breakfast, this is the place to be. 

Star Attractions

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Allison Curley

While all of the food from the Wells Country Store is in my opinion, worth the trip, the real hot commodity is their baked goods. From homemade muffins to fresh sugar doughnuts to fruity pies, there is always an awesome treat waiting at the Wells Country Store. 

The best thing about their baked goods is that they are always changing up the flavors. Usually their muffins have the same general flavors like cranberry walnut, banana chocolate chip, and mixed berry. However, sometimes if you get to the shop early enough they will have their "experimental" muffins like pineapple upside down or apple crumb.

They will even let you sample some for free if you leave a comment card. Not only are their breakfast muffins and other treats to die for, but they also have fresh desserts like cookies and pies. 

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Allison Curley

My family often pre-order their pies because they sell out so quickly. In my opinion their must-have flavor is the apple pie. I am not exaggerating when I say that the apple pie from the Wells Country Store is the best apple pie I have ever had. They make tons of flavors like blueberry, mixed berry, and peach, but my favorite by far is their incredibly sweet and crunchy apple. 

Stores like this that are more of a destination than a stop don't really exist any more. I love that instead of going to yet another grocery store, I can always count on an outing to the Wells Country Store for all of my household needs. 

Overall, the Wells Country Store is a family friendly and deliciously reliable food destination with a charming atmosphere. With an old fashioned setting and homemade baked goods, this is my favorite place to stop by for a treat. If you are in the Vermont area, grab something from this country store and you will see what all the fuss is about.