Many people across the globe agree that summer is the best time of year. In Prince Edward Island however, summertime is extra special. Beaches are open, terrace dining is plentiful, and a golden tan is guaranteed. As an adventure lover, PEI has always satisfied my search for excitement.

Prince Edward Island is the place to be for an adventure lover, with many hidden gems dying to be found. Take a trip this summer and discover my favourite neck of the woods. Here are five of my top places to check out on PEI. Adventure awaits.

The Bottle Houses

These artisanal houses are completely made of empty glass bottles. They're incredibly captivating, especially when the sun hits the glass at certain angles. The artist made them with a level of precision and craftsmanship you have to see to believe. Famous for their unique structure, locals and tourists love these colorful houses. The Bottle Houses are a beautiful place to visit, especially if you're into art. Here's the link to check them out.

PEI National Park

This park is eleven on ten amazing. There are hiking trails through several ecosystems, from wooded areas to agriculture fields to ponds. Greenwich is perfect for relaxing, walking through it is like listening to a spa playlist. Plus, many trails are several kilometres long, which means you'll get in tons of steps.

Gardens of Hope & The Butterfly House

There's nothing quite like holding an orange wedge and watching butterflies flock to it at Butterfly House. Being up close and personal with butterflies and also being able to walk around the picturesque New Glasgow River makes this place an unforgettable PEI experience. 

Vanco Farms

These fields speak for themselves. The vivid colours of the tulips are unforgettable, and perfect for Instagram photo-ops. Who can say no to fresh air and beautiful scenery? When you're in PEI, take some time to stop and smell the tulips.

Confederation Centre of the Arts

A visit to the Confederation Centre of the Arts is quite the culture trip. It's home to art exhibits, plays, a gift shop, and a restaurant. People of all ages can always find an event they'll enjoy. Since it's right in the heart of Charlottetown, there are also things to do outside like going to fresh seafood restaurants and delicious treateries.

Each of these place holds near and dear to me because of all the great memories I've made at each one. I hope you enjoy the island as much as I do, and if you ever need an adventure buddy, hit a girl up.

Peace. Love. PEI.