Have you ever been out late at night and just really wanted a specific food? Yeah, me too, except my cravings are always totally random. It's lucky that I live in New York City, because it offers a unique perk as the city that never sleeps and has tons of 24 hour restaurants that are good. I've tried most of them in order to figure out what's available and when (and for cheap!). Whether you live in the city or are visiting for the weekend, these are the best 24-hour restaurants NYC has that are worth hitting up at 3 am. 

1. Veselka

Holy pierogies, do East Villagers love (and flock to!) this 24-hour Ukranian spot. Their traditional Eastern European fare isn't to be missed, nor are their grilled cheese sandwiches and French toast. Pop over after checking out one of the copious amounts of bars in the East Village (The 13th Step is across the street!). Or just for a study break. No judgment.

2. Coppelia

There's little that's better in the wee hours of the morning—or, you know, at 4 pm—than a hearty Cubano sandwich. Coppelia, a Cuban eatery in Chelsea, offers that and so much more. The quaint, colorful diner is perfect for a casual comfort meal, 24/7. Plus, they serve breakfast all day so opting for Huevos Rancheros is an option, too. 


I'll be the first to say that IHOP pancakes are some of my favorites ever. One of the most quintessential, late-night American chain restaurants has two locations in Manhattan that are open 24 hours: Union Square and East Harlem. Double blueberry pancakes.

4. L'Express

Does anyone else crave steak in the wee hours? If so, L'Express is your place. Easily one of the classiest of the 24-hour restaurants, this French eatery in Gramercy serves up classic bistro fare such as steaks, mussels, and breakfast items at any and all times to serve the Francophile — or drunk French toast aficionado — within.

5. Gray's Papaya

Gray's Papaya is a classic late-night NYC spot because, frankly, who doesn't like hotdogs? The 24-hour hot dog chain is known for their dogs, tropical juices, and late-night hours.  

6. Sunny and Annie's

Okay, this one isn’t a restaurant as much as an Alphabet City bodega with absolutely kick-ass sandwiches. One, titled the “P.H.O. Real”, is essentially a pho-king amazing rendition of the Vietnamese noodle dish with roast beef, cilantro, bean sprouts, hoisin sauce, and more on a roll. They also offer breakfast specials and about 100 different sandwich variations, so you’ll never get bored! 

7. BCD Tofu House

After karaoking your heart out to “Don’t Stop Believin’” at one of the many spots in K-Town, hit up BCD Tofu House, a casual Korean spot serving classic Korean foods including Soon Tofu (a soft tofu soup), bulgogi, and bibimbap. Even the most ardent tofu-haters will enjoy the tofu soups here, trust me.

8. New Wonjo

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type, this Korean BBQ joint is a good 24-hour option. The charcoal grills add character to the charred meats and veggies at this cheap and filling eatery. Being tipsy on soju is optional but highly recommended.

9. Empanada Mama

The Lower East Side has an abundance of food, sure, but where else can you get over 40 different kinds of empanadas, let alone at any hour you please? Nowhere. Ranging from the cheeseburger to Korean beef to the “Viagra” with seafood stew, the empanadas are delicious and a great bang for your buck at $3.55 each. 

10. Cafeteria 

This place is legit bougey. The diner, if it can even be called that, is decked out in white and gray decor and is one of the best people-watching places in the city, especially post-bar and club hopping. Do yourself a favor and order the mac and cheese, too. 

11. Sarge's Deli 

Deli fare is abundant in the city but 24/7 deli fare is not. Sarge’s is the exception, with pastrami, matzo ball soup, and corned beef available at this diner during all of the most convenient, and not so, times. 

12. McDonald's 

I know, I know, McDonald’s, really? Yes, really. There are few meals in NYC that are as economical, filling, and delicious as a Big Mac, a McFlurry, and fries. Throughout Manhattan, there are a ton of locations open 24/7, with some serving breakfast for a majority of those hours. 

Mental note: when you're drunk at 3 am hollering, "O greasy French fries, greasy French fries, wherefore art thou?" refer back to this list of the best 24-hour restaurants NYC has.