I remember when I was in 9th grade my father came home from work and told me he was going to open a restaurant. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face and started to bombard him with questions. How are YOU going to open a restaurant? You don’t even cook! What kind of food are you going to serve? Where is it going to be? Can I work there? And so on...

Madeline Dennis

The Beginning

My dad created the restaurant and called it 105ten. Located in my hometown, Briarcliff Manor, it became my home and hangout with my friends. The zip code for our town is 10510 so that was how the name 105ten came to be. It was my first job, the place where I met so many new people, and where I really learned to find myself.

I thought that working at a restaurant would be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but being a hostess taught me not only to manage people, but also how to deal with the difficult ones. It taught me how to be organized and how to think on my feet. I miss those days when I would stand at the front of the house assisting moms with strollers, teachers grabbing a quick after- work-bite with some colleagues, and helping out families. I am happy I am still able to contribute via the 105ten Instagram. Don’t forget to hit it with a follow.

Madeline Dennis

Food, Food & More Food...

When creating this restaurant, my dad and his partners were able to put a new take on American pub food and make it their own. They have amazing burgers with brie and bacon jam. They also sticky bites, which are basically boneless chicken wings. Of course, they are also great salads, fun appetizers, and so much more. I would always love photographing the food as it waltzed by me on white plates. But, the desserts were always my favorite.

Madeline Dennis

The Last Course... Dessert!

Val, one of the waitresses who I had become quite friendly with, would slave in her kitchen and create mouth-watering treats. My favorite was banana-nutella pie. She also made a key-lime pie that was to die for. Whenever I was working, she always promised me a sample of her latest creation, and it was something I would always look forward to at the end of my shifts. I loved the dinner shifts the best; I loved the fast-paced energy, the dimly lit restaurant and the vibes.

Madeline Dennis

Home Is The PEOPLE, Not The PLACE

Every Wednesday, a band would come in and play. The atmosphere was filled with music and a sense of joy. There was always non-stop laughter and the clinking of wine glasses as customers would say, "Cheers!" and look at each other with a smile.

105ten was home. My heart always felt warm when I punched in for my shift and left with my dinner in hand to head home. 105ten is more than just a restaurant; it is a family. The dining experience there is truly a one of a kind. When I come home from college I still continue to maintain the relationships I have made with my co-workers as I continue to work there. I am grateful that nothing has changed since high school, and I hope everyone has a chance to find a restaurant that is their home.

If not a restaurant, I hope everyone finds a place that they have such a strong connection to. The feeling I get when I walk past the metal doors is unlike any other.

Madeline Dennis