Have you ever been watching a video or seen a picture on Instagram and thought, "Wow! That looks amazing!" only to search for the location and find its completely unreachable? That's been my struggle with the cruffin, until now.

Ashley Steinberg

The California native is the state's reply to NYC's cronut, and after trying some treats with co-owner, Ry Stephen, I have to say, it definitely gives the cronut a run for it's money.

Supermoon Bakehouse, a subsidiary of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, is already making waves with features from prominent bloggers and TimeOut NY's weekly magazine. With Ry Stephen, one of the co-founders of the original location, at the helm, it seems to run like a well-oiled machine.

They have the millennial appeal dialed in, as only a select amount of each specialized dessert is made daily, and they sell out quickly too. Nothing speaks to us like exclusive treats, especially when they're featured in the most Instagrammable of settings with prominent pinks, a bit of sparkle and neon lights abound.

When I arrived, I was glad Stephens had set a box aside for me because I could hear employees regretfully telling customers that certain pastries- most, in fact- were already sold out. And it was only 10 am.

Ashley Steinberg

The bakery specializes in odd doughy creations from their eponymous cruffin to technicolor and oddly-filled croissants and likewise brioche doughnuts. I took it upon myself to taste-test some of these treats in case you need a reference.

Ashley Steinberg


This delectable hybrid changes with the times, as its flavor, much like the cronut, rotates every few weeks or so.

When I arrived, they had the smashed choc-nut brownie cruffin, a croissant muffin filled with smashed pecan chocolate brownie and chocolate creme patissiere, topped with smashed brownie and caramelized macadamia nuts.

It's coated in sugar with a perfectly flakey texture, and was definitely more like a croissant in the shape of a muffin with little-to-no muffin texture, but to be honest, you won't care. It's so damn good you forget what it's supposed to be and just enjoy it for the sweet freak it is.

Ashley Steinberg

NYC Croissant

This is basically an everything bagel-flavored croissant. Its fully loaded with a filling of large slices of lox, cream cheese and capers. It's everything you want on your bagel, but with a lighter, airier 'carrier'- the flakey and spacious croissant.

Ashley Steinberg

Golden Boy Donut

This golden brioche donut was also coated in sugar- are you sensing a pattern?- and filled with milk chocolate honey ginger ganache and honey chocolate nougat. It was every bit as good as you'd expect, brimming with tons of different flavors.

I definitely plan to go back and try those I haven't yet. And my advice to you? Come for the cruffin, stay for everything else. Oh, and make sure to get there early!