I absolutely adore beefsteak. Yes, I do love vegetables in almost any form, but I strongly believe that if everyone ordered like I do (or close) they could feel the same way that I do about this magical place.


Darya Mack

Pick vegetables you already like. Don't add kale to be "extra healthy" if you don't usually like kale. I mean, you're eating at Beefsteak, you're good. If you're not big on vegetables, go with really mild ones such as potatoes (for the carb-lovers), edamame, bok-choy, and spinach. My go to combo though is bok-choy, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, edamame, kale, and spinach.


Darya Mack
The grains options have the least room for error. If you prefer to stay traditional, rice is a great option. For the best nutritional punch, go with quinoa; it's my personal favorite. Bulgur is fun if you want to try something new, but it tastes similar to quinoa.


Darya Mack

When it comes to sauce, this is where the problems happen. You're essentially eating steamed vegetables so you really have to dress them up. The yogurt and tomato are the flavors that may not mix well with the toppings that you add.

In my opinion, the best thing to do here is to ask for both the cilantro sauce and the black bean one. This means more flavor because more sauce, a fresh taste from the cilantro, a warm and satisfying taste from the black bean, and this combination goes well with virtually anything.

Fresh Toppings

Toppings can also lead you astray if you are not careful. Just put a little bit of thought into it. For example, if you try to mix tomato sauce with seaweed salad, it's going to make for a strange combo. My go to's are the toppings that are healthy and fresh, but not too strong of flavors, like tomatoes, chickpeas, sprouts, or cucumber salad. However the seaweed salad goes really well with the mix of sauces mentioned above.

Dressings and Crunchy Toppings

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Definitely add dressing! The sherry vinegar is a safe choice and adds a nice sweetness and acidity to your bowl. The crunchy toppings have never done much for me but the sesame seeds definitely contribute to the #aesthetic, if you're trying to post your creation on your Instagram.

On the Side

If you have the budget for salmon, avocado, egg, or other extra-money options, go for it, but you can totally go without.

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Don't skip the drinks. They have lavender lemonade and I can't imagine anything more fun.

My Go-To Bowl

Darya Mack

Here is my top secret recipe - what I order every time without fail: The veggies I add are bok-choy, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, edamame, kale, and spinach. I combine the cilantro and black bean sauces and quinoa is my pick for grains. On top I always go with chickpeas, seaweed salad, and sprouts. Then I add sesame seeds and sherry vinegar! I always put lots of Sriracha on the finished product and can't go without my lavender lemonade.

If you follow these guidelines, Beefsteak will quickly become your best friend. I have converted quite a few friends to the veggie lifestyle and I 10/10 recommend giving it a shot.