The Beef Stand. This fast food joint, known for its hotdogs and fries, was a University of Illinois campus favorite. Sober or drunk, everyone loved its classic Chicago inspired menu. The Beef Stand, frequently visited by Champaign’s finest intoxicated folks around 1am on weekends, was sure to satisfy their drunk munchies. It had the best grub and atmosphere a drunk college kid could ever ask for. The chairs were so close together you had no choice but to make friends with the person sitting next to you and the cashiers always amused the antics of inebriated college students graciously. The greasy food brought kids together as they laughed, recalling fading memories of what happened at the bars that night. More often than not, friends would know their night would end here, even before imbibing.

The fateful day that The Beef Stand put up its oh-so-classy handwritten sign reading “The Beef Stand has closed, thank you for your support” in their window was a hard day for everyone. Twitter and Facebook blew up about the saddening news. No one could understand why such a magical place could be shut down. Rumors circulated about it not receiving enough business: I, for one, could not believe that. Anyone who was on Green Street past 1am knew that The Beef Stand was receiving plenty of business.

Photo by Molly Krohe

One can only hope that The Beef Stand will reopen one day in its high traffic spot at 611 E. Green Street. Sometimes when I walk by the vacant storefront, I can almost smell the greasy, oil-laden food our campus grew to love.