Everyone loves a good bacon, egg and cheese, especially on a slow Sunday morning. It is an essential aspect of mine and most Penn students’ lives. But not all sandwiches are created equal.


Photo by Charles Wetherbee


Save yourself the money and time and skip Metro. The problem begins with the bread. I avoid Metro’s bagels because to be honest they are more like bread in bagel shape. So my bacon, egg and cheese comes on wheat bread instead. Though the bread is good, it is way too dry for a bacon, egg and cheese. Combine that with the overcooked bacon and you’ll be running to the water cooler to fill up after every bite (I do appreciate that cooler, though). The sandwich is slightly better with some hot sauce and ketchup, but still wouldn’t be my first choice for my breakfast staple.

Location: 4013 Walnut St.

Bui's (2)

Photo by Charles Wetherbee


There’s no sight I love more than the Bui’s truck reliably at the corner of 38th and Spruce every morning. Bui’s gets crowded, but for good reason. It definitely has my favorite bacon, egg and cheese on campus. Order the sandwich with hot sauce and ketchup on a long roll and you will have yourself the perfect sandwich. The eggs aren’t too fluffy or dry (which may be my biggest pet peeve of all time), the bacon is on point and the bread soaks up the hot sauce and ketchup just enough. So believe the hype, Bui’s is the spot.

Location: West corner of 38th and Spruce


Photo by Charles Wetherbee


Can Lyn ever do wrong? Lyn proves that her reign as queen of eggs on campus holds true. You’ll never find a dry egg here. If you add ketchup, sriracha, salt and pepper, then you’ve got yourself the perfect sandwich. Typically the line at Bui’s is shorter than that at Lyn’s, so I would still choose Bui’s as my favorite bacon, egg, and cheese spot.

Location: Outside Lower Quad at 36th and Spruce