Growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, I’ve been able to experience some really awesome Chinese food that seems to be uncommon when I travel elsewhere. Bensonhurst is known to change with the tides of immigrants coming to America for a better life. Once known for its Italian restaurants during the 1950s and ’60s during a large influx of immigrants from southern Italy, Bensonhurst is now home to small Chinese cafes and large dinner buffets. When it starts getting warmer out, one of the perfect places to go to is called Munchies Cafe.

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My favorite thing to order at Munchies is called Tong Sui, which translated to “sugar water.” It’s a typical Cantonese dessert which can be served many different ways. The type served at munchies is “sago,” which has pearl tapioca, coconut, and evaporated milk. Munchies also has varieties with pureed fresh fruit, aloe vera, and grass jelly. My favorites are pureed mango with pomelo pulp or strawberry and aloe vera. They’re served cold and are always fresh and sweet, perfect for summer.

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Munchies also has amazing smoothies and slushes. While I’m partial to all things with mango, my best friend happens to love the watermelon slush, which pretty much tastes like you’re biting into a piece of perfectly ripe watermelon. Munchies also serves bubble tea and green and black teas with mix-ins ranging from lychee jelly to pudding. There are also “pancakes,” which are actually more crepe-like, and they are rolled with fresh fruit and fresh whipped cream.

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If you’re feeling like having a meal, Munchies also offers items from the kitchen. The BBQ Chicken Steak with Rice is a heaping serving of marinated chicken breast over white rice with fish sauce for dipping. There are typical “American” snacks like onion rings, french fries, and chicken nuggets if you aren’t feeling too adventurous, but I’d recommend trying the Hong Kong Style Fried Chicken Wings (marinated in sweet soy sauce) or the Seafood Thick Rice Noodle Soup (served with mini seafood dumplings, shrimp, and fish ball.)

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Did I mention that everything I listed was under $10? Head over to Munchies Cafe this summer with some friends and try something new without breaking the bank.

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