Don’t get me wrong, the variety of places to eat at The University of Arizona are great, but sometimes I wish there were dining halls. Well, luckily enough for us Wildcats, Bear Down Kitchen is the closest option to that. Located right inside the Arizona Stadium, Bear Down Kitchen offers students a great breakfast and lunch.


Photo by Caroline Solomon

For only twelve dollars on your meal plan, you can dine with all your favorite athletes! More importantly, the food is so delicious and there are always new and multiple options everyday. For breakfast, there is cereal, fruit, yogurt, an oatmeal bar and a hot bar. Just a few of the items on the hot bar include pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs. In addition, there are bagels, English muffins and toast.

For lunch, there is usually a salad bar, pizza, pasta and a hot bar. The salad bar has plenty of fresh vegetables to create any salad masterpiece. The pizza toppings range from the classic pepperoni all the way to veggies and sausage. Their whole wheat fusilli pasta with sun-dried tomatoes is to die for and not to mention how delicious the pesto risotto and bowties with sausage is. In addition, the hot bar has different options every day, but it usually serves two different proteins, vegetables and a starch. Oh, and make sure you ask for a custom hamburger too!

Lastly, the dessert. If you are in the mood for either froyo, cookies or both, you are in for a treat. Offering plenty of chocolate chips, sprinkles, fruit and granola to top your froyo, your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

Overall, Bear Down Kitchen is my favorite place to eat on campus. I can’t believe I only starting going towards the end of the semester, but I will definitely be back when I return to school. Before you go, check online to make sure that they are open! Trust me, you need to try this hidden gem on campus.