This October, Fat Pete's BBQ moved in to occupy another one of College Park's wall holes along Route 1.

Opened by 1988 university alum Jeff Holibaugh and named after his slightly overweight partner, Pete Balish, the pair hopes to expand thier successful restaurant from Cleveland Park to College Park.

Although 1/3 the size of the original Cleveland store, this will be the first specialty BBQ restaurant CP has seen since The Maryland Smokehouse closed down.
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Michelle Yan

Standing next to Revo Nail Salon, where Capital One bank once stood, doorway to Fat Pete's is stylishly decorated in eye-catching typefaces. Outside, a chalkboard stand lists the days' specials catering to those eating on a college budget.

For bonus points, Fat Pete's also offers delivery through GrubHub. I mean, we all know the struggles of getting to Route 1 from North Campus.

The inside is well lit, and the service is fast and friendly. Start on one end of the counter and be fed on the other. What makes Fat Pete's special is their brisket and large selection of sauces made in house daily

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Michelle Yan

To list Fat Pete's offers the following sauces from the following big BBQ areas:

Sweet BBQ sauce from Memphis, Spicy BBQ sauce from Kansas City, Vinegar BBQ sauce from North Carolina, Mustard BBQ sauce from South Carolina, White BBQ sauce from Alabama, and MOP sauce from Texas. Be prepared to have your taste buds tantalized with the great variety. 

Personally we recommend the Spicy BBQ sauce and the Mustard BBQ sauce. But we also suggest that you try them all to find your personal favorite. 

#Spoontip: if getting it to go be sure to bag up some extra condiments and sauces to use for whatever you're cooking at home.

Unable to resist the temptation, my lovely photographer and I could not leave empty stomached. To give the audience a peak we ordered the salmon BLT and pulled pork with a side of hush puppies and seasonal veggies.

Sorry, guys, I guess you'll have to try the famous brisket for yourselves when you come to visit. But in case you're interested click here for the full menu.
Michelle Yan

Both orders came in a timely manner, and we were not disappointed. The salmon BLT was loaded with a combination of smoked salmon, candied bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes while the pulled pork was greatly complimented by the hush puppy and fresh green sides

Needless to say we left with full stomachs and full intentions of coming back to Fat Pete's in the future. The students thank you for bringing a Washington Post ranked top tier BBQ joint down to the CP area.

For special deals and updates visit Fat Pete's Events and News.