Last week, I was able to visit BBQ Cafe (located at 310 E Howard Ave in Decatur) and sample their menu. As my decision to study at Emory University, rather than stay home for college in New York, wasn't not because southern barbecue is my favorite type of food, I was extremely excited to give this spot a try. In speaking with the general manager, I was told that the restaurant had opened pretty much in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and they were touched by the support the community had given them. They opened with the goal of bringing good 'ole Mississippi barbecue to a city where they saw none, and prided themselves on the quality of their meat (promising that sauce wasn't even needed). Here is some of the delicious food they have on the menu:

1. The Pulled Pork 

Nicolette Cure

Pulled pork is always my #1 go-to when I eat barbecue, so I knew had to try BBQ Cafe's version. They definitely did not disappoint: it truly becomes something special when made into a sandwich, and I would happily come back and eat their pulled pork again and again. 

2. The Brisket 

Nicolette Cure

I never really order the brisket at barbecue restaurants, but I made an exception for the BBQ Cafe, and I'm so glad I did. It was juicy and delicious, and as promised, I didn't even need the accompanying sauce to achieve all that. 

3. Drink Break: The Sweet Tea 

Nicolette Cure

By the time I remembered to take a picture of the sweet tea I ordered I had already happily finished about half of my drink, if that's any indication of how much I enjoyed it. And isn't a good sweet tea the mark of a good barbecue spot?

4. The Mac & Cheese 

Nicolette Cure

This isn't just any mac and cheese, it's a smoked rib mac and cheese. Every bite was truly delicious, and I had a really hard time stopping myself from eating the whole thing in one sitting. 

5. The Sides 

Nicolette Cure

I ordered the cole slaw and the corn salad from the restaurant's classic list of barbecue sides. Both were really tasty, however the real stars of the meal by far were the meats. 

6. Bonus: The Enchilada 

Nicolette Cure

Yes, BBQ Cafe has pork enchiladas with mole sauce on their menu. Yes, I was surprised too, and I had to try it. It may have been the most unexpected dish that I tried, but it was possibly my favorite of the day. It was definitely the dish I was craving the most when I was picking through my leftovers the next day.

Make sure you visit BBQ Cafe! While primarily a takeout restaurant they do have some tables outside if you want a sit-down meal. They are also partnering with College Merchant, so make sure to ask for a discount on your meal if you're a student! And what could be better than a discount on barbecue?