I have never been to a blues club. Never been to Tennessee either until August 2018. My family decided to do something different and I was all for it. New foods to try, new experiences to have, however I was not expecting this. I was not sure what to expect from BB Kings Blues Club. Thought there would be good music and the food would be okay, but I was definitely wrong. BB Kings Blues Club in Nashville is all around fun! 

Appetizer - NACHOS

Emily Sauchelli

For an appetizer, my family and I decided to order nachos. I like nachos, however I rarely eat a bunch of them. I may have a few and that's it. I ate these Nashville nachos like if my life depended on it. They were so tasty! These nachos in particular are called BBQ Nachos Grande. They have sour cream, BB Kings bbq sauce, nacho cheese, and loads more which make them so unique and finger licking good! 

Dinner - Shrimp Tacos

Emily Sauchelli

For dinner, I ordered Street Tacos with shrimp and sour cream. The dish came with a side of rice pilaf and that was a nice pairing to go along with the spiciness of the shrimp. The Street Tacos can also be filled with pork as another option, for those who do not like seafood. However, I'm not one of them. I LOVE fish!


Emily Sauchelli

This is a side that did not come with my dinner. I ordered it extra, but it was worth it! It was a small side cup of macaroni and cheese with scallions. This side was another indulgence that I could not say no to. The atmosphere of this club made me want all the foods I normally don't eat on a daily basis. The music - blues upon blues makes people crave the things that they don't normally eat. I happened to love each one of these appetizers and dinners because they satisfied my craving for a night out on the town, and being on vacation. 


Emily Sauchelli

My dad ordered the Sausage Po Boy  for dinner and he LOVED IT! He loves sandwiches so this one was a winner for him. It is a southern sandwich with a twist. This sandwich is very filling and is served with a side of fries and coleslaw. How much more southern can you get? BB Kings Blues Club in Nashville is all around fun and an experience in itself. My mom had a burger with all the fixings and a side of fries as well. She loved it so much. 

BB Kings Blues Club has locations all around the southern portion of the United States. The other four locations include, Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans, Louisiana, Montgomery, Alabama, and Orlando, Florida. Besides having locations on land and in the United States, they also have a location on the Holland America Line. BB Kings calls it BB Kings At Sea. This blues club is for everyone. For adults and families, there is so much fun to be had at this establishment. I have never had so much fun listening to music, watching a performance and eating at the same time.