I am an acai fanatic. In my hometown, acai and smoothie bowls were a major staple in my diet. At school, there are only a few options to honor my cravings. The most recent one opened on November 7th and it is called Baya Bar. Baya Bar has several locations throughout Lousiana, New York City, and even a location in Las Vegas. It’s most recent opening is on Freret St in New Orleans. As the acai connoisseur that I am, I went to the grand opening to see what all the hype was about.

The Grand Opening

First, let me say I was not the only one excited about the grand opening. There were tons of people there ready to try some acai. The store itself was really cute. The back wall of the store is covered in leaves and a neon sign with the store name. They have a decent amount of seating and a counter where you order.

One thing I enjoyed about Baya Bar was the abundance of different bases and bowls to choose from. They had your typical acai base, pitaya, kale, and something I’ve never seen before… a coconut base. The menu also stated that some of their smoothies, which there were many of, can be made into bowls with toppings as well.

Carlie Littman

The Verdict

I was debating whether to get the standard acai or the kale, but I ended up getting the Bella Nutella. It was acai base and topped with Nutella, granola, banana, and strawberries. This bowl satisfied my cravings. The acai was thick, but not too icy, and flavorful. The fruit was fresh and the Nutella made everything better. My friend tried the coconut base with the same toppings and shaved coconut. She concluded the coconut base was creamy and coco-nutty, exactly what it should be.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience at Baya Bar, I just wish that the bowls were bigger! But really, it will become a new staple for me here.