If you've ever visited Emory University, you’ve probably dined at at least one of the campus’s two Kaldi’s Coffee locations. Kaldi’s is one of my go-to’s. It’s perfect for a quick iced coffee before class, an afternoon bite with friends, or treating yourself to a tasty dessert. But which campus location is better, Kaldi’s at The Student Center or Kaldi’s at The Depot? Let's find out.

The Procedure

To judge each location, I first looked at the different foods on each menu. Then, I tried some meals exclusive to each location, expressed my thoughts, and made my final assessment. 

Kaldi's at the Student Center

The Breakfast Bowl 

The Breakfast Bowl includes seven main ingredients: fried egg, arugula, bacon, sweet potato, quinoa, avocado, and hot sauce. As much as I enjoy an egg in the morning or a salad for lunch or dinner, this bowl felt like an odd combination of both, which left me taken aback. The hot fried egg did not pair well with the cold avocado, arugula, and quinoa. The mixture left me confused. Was the bowl breakfast, or was it lunch?

The Superfood Bowl

Next, I tried the Superfood Bowl, which included quinoa, chicken, baby kale, sweet potatoes, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, and feta cheese tossed in an olive oil vinaigrette. This was everything I could have ever dreamt of in one bowl. The baby kale was fresh and tasty, the cranberries were sweet, and the walnuts gave the meal the extra crunch it needed. This bowl is a great healthy option for on-the-go. I certainly would come back for this meal again. 

Kaldi's at The Depot

The Breakfast Burrito

At The Depot, the Breakfast Burrito comes with the option of being wrapped or unwrapped. Its ingredients include a wheat wrap (if you choose), eggs, sausage, sweet potatoes, mozzarella, peppadews, and a side of salsa verde, sour cream, and orange wedges. I loved every part of this meal. The mozzarella perfectly melted into the burrito, the eggs, sausage, and sweet potatoes meshed so well together, and the peppadews and side of salsa added just the right amount of spice to the wrap.

Breakfast Sandwich

The last meal I tried was the Breakfast Sandwich, which included eggs, sausage, Havarti cheese, and grain mustard aioli on a brioche bun and a side of orange wedges. Similarly to the Breakfast Burrito, the Breakfast Sandwich surpassed my expectations immensely. The cheese was melted for the most satisfying pull, the bun was soft and lightly toasted, and the mustard aioli gave the flavor kick I didn't know that I needed until I tried it. 

So…which location is better?!?

As much as I dislike being inconclusive, I have to say Kaldi’s Coffee rarely disappoints at either location. Choosing between the two locations was just too hard. So, I chose both! The location you should visit truly depends on what you’re looking for in your dining experience. Kaldi’s at The Depot should be your go-to if you want a unique and tasty breakfast to kick-start your day. But, if you’re looking for a quick and enjoyable lunch in between classes or a busy work schedule, the Student Center location is the place for you.