It's 2pm. You just left class and you're seriously hangry. Are you in the mood for a sandwich? No. Do you want pizza? Boring. How about some Halal food? Yes please. But now you fall into internal turmoil. Which halal truck do you choose? They're all equally priced and the trucks all look the same. Which truck is most suited to satisfy you're cravings? Relax kids, let me break down the key differences between the Halal food trucks located near Brooklyn college so you know exactly which to pick the next time you're in the mood for some chicken and rice. This is the battle of the halal trucks. 

The Criteria 

We all have our own ideas on what makes a good tray of chicken and rice. But in this article we will rank each halal truck based on three categories. Category number one is the meat. This will encompass how well marinated and flavored the meat is, how tender it is and in what quantity it is presented. The next category is the rice. Is the rice well flavored, does it have a bold color profile, and how well cooked is the rice? Next is the salad. What is the quantity of the salad and how well is it made? Based on these three categories we will be able to deduce which halal truck amongst the three near Brooklyn College serves the best halal food. 

Halal Truck #1 

Halal truck number one is located in front of Target that is farthest away from Brooklyn College. This is not to be mistaken with the other halal truck located right next to it that is closer to Brooklyn College. Lets break it down. 

Meat: The meat at the truck is well flavored and maintains the vibrant red color of the tandoor paste they use to marinate the meat. The meat is succulent and slightly crispy. The subtle char introduces a new flavor profile that matches well with the slight smokiness the meat has. The meat to rice ratio is average but at times you will have too much rice and too little meat. 

The Rice: The rice here is a vibrant yellow hue. The rice is well cooked but not overcooked so it isn't mushy. It retains its slightly rigid texture while being soft and easy to eat. The rice is flavored but not spicy like the meat. This contrast keeps the dish well balanced with the perfect amount of flavor. 

The salad: The salad is less than spectacular. And often times there is too much salad given to reduce the amount of chicken and rice actually given. Despite this, we can all agree that the salad is not the superstar in any chicken and rice experience and so this is not a deal breaker. 


Halal Truck #2 

Halal truck number two is located in front of Target and is closer to Brooklyn College than its adjacent vendor.

Meat: The meat sold in this chicken and rice platter is flavored but less so than the truck right next to it. The meat is still well cooked and soft but the rich taste of assorted spices is somewhat lacking.

The Rice: The rice here is an off white hue, and so isn't as visually appealing as its adjacent car. Despite this the rice is still well flavored and perfectly cooked. The rice makes up somewhat for the meat's mild flavor profile. The chicken to rice ratio is average, bordering on slightly too much rice. 

The salad: The salad is more or less the same to the previous cart. However this cart provides a better salad to chicken and rice ratio. 


Halal Truck #3 

Halal truck number three is located in front in front of Hillel. 

Meat: The meat at the truck is flavored but in a different way than the other trucks. The typical flavor you expect from halal food is replaced with the taste of spices that lean more paprika heavy. It is still flavorful, but just in a different way. Some people have described it to have the spicy tang of Mexican food rather than the rich bolder flavor of halal food. The meat is still well cooked and soft.

The Rice: The rice here is basmati rice, so the rice kernels are thicker than the usual fried rice you get at other halal trucks. Because the spices at this cart have a stronger and tangier flavor, the thicker rice does not dull down the flavor too much. In fact, It actually controls the whole experience from being somewhat overwhelming. The chicken to rice ratio is very good, and the portion is generous.

The salad: The salad is more or less the same to the previous carts. However this cart provides the best salad to chicken and rice ratio. 


Special Mention: Gyro Hut

Gyro Hut is a restaurant located on Coney Island ave that sells an incredible variety of halal food. Technically speaking, this establishment is not a cart and so will not be reviewed in depth in the article. But the food here is GREAT, and so it would be an injustice not to mention it. The meat here is perfectly seasoned, the rice is well flavored while being well cooked, and the salad is hearty and delicious. The prices are slightly higher but the portion is also bigger. The chicken to rice ratio is great, and so it is an overall great value. If you are willing to take the walk down here from campus or have a car, it is a fantastic option. 


Halal truck number one is the most balanced in terms of generally good halal food. It delivers well consistently and so it is the winner of the battle of the halal trucks. That being said, everyones perception of what makes a great tray of halal food is different. If you love halal food, I strongly urge you to try all of these spots and decide for yourself which is your favorite. Happy eating friends!!!