What is Bareburger?

Bareburger is the newest trending burger place in New York.  This restaurant has over 20 locations across NYC/ Long Island and is spreading fast.  It's popularity can be attributed to the fact that it serves only organic, all-natural, non-GMO burgers that have options for exciting meats and toppings.

The Meats

One of the most notable aspects of Bareburger is the unique meats that people can add to their burgers.  This list includes:

Beef, Bison, Turkey, Chicken Breasts, Elk, Duck, and Lamb

These diverse selections make it easy for people to try things and still enjoy the familiar comfort of America's favorite fast-food item: burgers.

The Impossible Burger- A Cool Vegan Option

One of their newest and most interesting burger is the "Impossible Burger".  Contrary to what you are probably thinking, this isn't a large burger that someone has only 10 minutes to eat.  This burger is an all plant based burger that looks and tastes the same as an actual burger.  This burger also visually "bleeds" and has a pink interior as well as a brown exterior.  This makes it look very similar to a medium rare beef burger.   This is one menu on the item that is quickly becoming extremely popular for vegetarians and vegans.  

Toppings and Sides

In addition to the burgers themselves, Bareburger has interesting toppings as well.  These include: Fuji apples, hass avocado, baby kale, white mushrooms, red onions, spanish onions, baby spinach, tomatoes, red wheat-berries, buckwheat groats, bulger freekeh, quinoa, and little gems lettuce.  On the side, hungry customers can get pickles, sweet potato fries, french fries, onion rings, panko chicken tenders, buttermilk chicken bites, and bread.

Unique Shakes with Crazy Flavors

One of the most popular drinks that people get from Bareburger are the unique shakes.  While people can go with classic icecream flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, banana, strawberry, and raspberry, they can also get more creative.  Customers can get banana foster shakes, chocolate hazelnut, mexican chocolate (spiced chocolate), and cococado shakes (a coconut, avocado, and lime based shake).

A Free Burger?!?!?!

Overall, Bareburger offers healthy non-GMO food as well as cool vegetarian and vegan options.  People going here can get a taste of enticing new flavors and meats or they can just simply get a traditional burger.  BTW, if you download the app and pay through it, you can get a free burger the second time you go! What are you waiting for...you're not getting any younger.  Seize the day and take advantage of this NYC/Long Island foodie gem.