We are so excited to tell you that Pra Pra Prank just opened in March 2018, and we at Spoon DU couldn't stop ourselves from experiencing some of their antics for ourselves

The Beginnings

Dimple Hotchandani

For a brief background - Inderjeet and Jasmeet Banga wanted to bring together modern Asian and modern Indian cuisine and recreate it in a playful manner. With the kitchen headed by corporate maestro Harangad Singh, after inventing a unique theme of 'Back To School' in Prankster, they wanted to extend the magic of recreation to Cyber Hub.

Pra Pra Prank thrives on innovation and quality. They have taken the luxury of choice to another level. In fact, we had an option to choose among three different seating areas. The first one was an outdoor seating area overlooking the calm and chaos of Cyber Hub. As you go inside the pranking begins and you find a sushi bar and another seating option which is ideal for the long overdue gossip sessions with your gang.

With an eclectic decor - a glass door made with miniature bottles leads you to the third area which is a live music venue and provides a more intimate setting. We tried to incorporate all the unique flavors and tried a couple of dishes.  So here is all that we tried.

Mushroom Air Soup

Dimple Hotchandani

To start with our fine dining experience, we had the Mushroom Air soup with Parmesan biscuit.T he soup had a smoky mushroom flavour along with a subtle hint of pepper. The Parmesan was crumbly and soft. It was a perfect complement to the delectable taste of the mushroomy, earthy flavour.

Salad Of Fruits And Greens

Dimple Hotchandani

Next in line of our pre - pranking appetizers was the Salad Of Fruits and Greens. We must say, we didn't expect it to be so good. A perfect fusion of crunch and flavour in every bite. Iceberg lettuce along with green apples, pear and sprinkled with fried onion and garlic in a Thai dressing. If there is any place we are going back for salads, this is it.

Prank Chaat

Dimple Hotchandani

This one was absolutely marvellous! Fried spinach leaves standing on a bed of dahi bhalla hummus with a drizzle of tamarind and mint chutney was satisfying and scrumptious. A balance of crunch and softness was well maintained and no two textures were overlapping.

Ruby Dim Sum

Dimple Hotchandani

Imagine water chestnut in a dim sum. Sounds a bit absurd right? Well, then that's the beauty of a little pranking. Ruby Dim Sums Bursting with the enticing flavours of water chestnut, sweet corn and carrots. Soft on the outside with a perfect blend of flavours.

Veg Rainbow Roll

Dimple Hotchandani

A heavenly blast of flavors and colors. Not only was it visually appealing in terms of colour, but it also some of my favourite things - rice, bell peppers and salsa. We finally found a place serving some divine sushi for vegetarians. Trust us, you cannot get enough of these!

Baked Cheesecake

Dimple Hotchandani

As if cheesecake isn't enough to make us go gaga. A classic cheesecake baked to perfection and glazed with caramelized sugar. Here comes the pranking twist- it had a thick crumbly crust and was served with strawberry coulis. Literally heaven on a plate.

The thing we liked the most about all the dishes we tried was that they all were a mix of classic counterparts infused with a little pranking. Each dish was a balance of taste. Every flavour could be savoured distinctly. We enjoyed the fusion of the two cuisines which kept their classic essence intact. So the next time you go to Cyber Hub and want to try some great food - you know this is the place to be!

P.S. Check out their full menu here.