As the new year begins and we’re all starting to flake on our New Year’s resolutions already, let’s take a moment to breathe and commit ourselves to at least one new change in our lives: trying something new. With food. Although we may have set goals to lose weight, budget and save money, balance work and our personal lives and improve our relationships, I think we can all agree that food immediately makes our day better and gives us hope and energy for tomorrow.

Think about it. If you focus on exploring the town and the good food it offers, you can fulfill all those ambitions in one when you enjoy a night of fresh food, good company, and reasonable prices. Here’s a list for all you burger lovers out there to get you ready for a new year of food and possibility.

This is not a ranking; restaurants are listed in no particular order. For the purposes of this article, the number of features is limited.

1. Wells Brothers Bar & Grill


Burgers don’t really get much better. ?

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Located on Tharpe Street, you may recognize this place by its much-loved penname: “Monks.” When it comes to burgers and beer, this is the place to go to, and I think the ale-making Monks of the Middle Ages would agree. To them, brewing was an art; just like cooking and serving traditional American food with a twist is serious business to the owners of “Monks,” Matthew and Adam Wells. From its diverse selection of burgers, any meat-lover can enjoy a Gator-Hator with bacon and barbecue sauce during a hunger-inducing rivalry game, or the one-of-a-kind Lip Smacker smothered in peanut butter. Also, Monks is pet-friendly, and they have an awesome outside dining area that you’ve got to check out (when it’s not raining).

2. The Joint


Photo by Robert Wehrli

Although this place is pretty new in town, it’s already a contender among the well-loved sports bars in Tallahassee. Replacing Atomic Coffee next to Gumby’s on Tennessee Street, the Joint is a homey, diner-styled spot ready to appease any Lucky Goat coffee connoisseur within 100 miles. When you try the Freshman 15 burger with french fries and fried egg, you won’t mind that you gained a few. With its Seminole decor, Florida beers, and build-your-own burgers, this place has got it all to satisfy any ‘Noles fan screaming at the TV…

3. Voodoo Dog


A straight-up bacon chee’. You know that’s gonna make you feel better the day after St Patty’s. #burgerlord

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Thriving at two locations, Macomb and Tennessee Street, this treasure trove of beef is not only famous for its Mac ‘n Cheese Jefferson Dog, but for its reasonable prices and juicy burgers. If the framed 80s rock albums on its walls or the stuffed “Alf” near the back door don’t get you laughing, then you might as well kick yourself as soon as you take a bite of the Voodoo burger topped with Kielbasa sausage. It is THAT GOOD.. Talk about some voodoo magic…

4. Hobbit American Grill


Hawaiian Burger #HobbitHoagies A photo posted by @_catalinda on Jun 17, 2012 at 5:37pm PDT

In 1978, the Schwantes family brought the Shire to Tallahassee. Serving buckets of beer and plenty of meat, this place is sure to indulge your insatiable appetite and desire for multiple dinners. Located on Capital Circle SW, SE and Pensacola Street, this grill is impossible to avoid since it’s both everywhere and larger than it’s namesake. Head to this precious place if you want a “Froto” burger topped with signature Hobbit sauce and the only realistic possibility of experiencing Middle earth (except for Hobbiton). You’ll disappoint J.R.R. Tolkien big time if you don’t stop by for a second supper.

5. Midtown Caboose


Located on North Meridian Road in Midtown, this joint is also owned by the Well Brothers and could be considered Monks 2.0. Although Monk’s offers its own unique burger combinations, Caboose delivers its own blends such as the Runaway Train with maple mayo and caramelized granny smith apples and the Mac Daddy smothered in mac-n-cheese and bbq sauce. Compared to Monks, this place may be a bit pricier, but its classy and clean setup provides a relaxed and individual experience all its own with an entirely different menu than its 1.0 counterpart.

6. Woodchuck’s Cafe


#kingkong @ #woodchuckscafe amazing? they also have awesome breakfast n cupcakes A photo posted by Jim Spear (@sonofvader7) on Nov 3, 2013 at 6:14pm PST

Tallahassee native, Chris Benfield, advertises his restaurant as “The Home of Homestyle,” and it is well deserving of that title. If anyone disagrees, they should try the Godzilla burger topped with French fries and see if they have enough willpower to fight ‘da truth. Next thing you know, you’ll be sitting in the Cafe next day wolfing down a Stuffed Woodchucker with blue cheese and mumbling about writing a rave review on their website. So drop by Tharpe Street for a tasty burger, and Chris will make a “Woodchuck lover out of you!

7. Parlay Sports Bar & Grill


Parlay on Point??Creole Shrimp Sliders ? from @parlaysportsbar #doorstepping #parlay #nom #delivery #iHeartTally #foodie

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Really, this place is a no-brainer. If you wanna watch sports and chow down on a burger at the same time, then this spot on North Monroe Street is the place to be. Just be warned: this is not Tortuga and not many pirates stop by for a booty break, but it’s still the spot to visit if you want a Cowboy Burger smothered in Chipotle BBQ sauce between Texas toast or a Churrasco Burger topped with a fried egg. So be a burger buccaneer and follow the map to Parlay to find the greatest of all treasures: a Fat Boy Burger with three beef patties between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

8. Cabo’s Island Grill & Bar


Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger at Cabo’s Island Grill in #Tallahassee A photo posted by Stephen Kubiak (@stephen_d_kubiak) on Mar 7, 2015 at 5:46am PST

If you can’t afford to visit Mexico for precious vacation time, then just relax at Cabo’s on Apalachee Pkwy for a mix of American and Latino flare. With a Backyard Bleu Burger and a margarita, you can enjoy the Island atmosphere and painted walls of beachfront just like a tourist would, taking a break from the business life. So slow down a little and eat a burger while you avoid work and debate moving to the Bahamas.

9. Vertigo Burgers & Fries


You’re sure to feel a bit dizzy from excitement as your taste buds savor the Texas Twist Burger with chorizo sausage and avocado-lime sauce or the Triple Throw Down with apple wood bacon and blue cheese. After a visit to this joint on Lafayette Street, you probably won’t ever think straight again until you get your Vertigo burger fix every week. So don’t forget to order a craft beer or wine to increase your enjoyment and reliance on this place, and you’ll never regret abandoning McDonald’s for a Southern Spin with pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes.