Let’s not pretend that guacamole isn’t a huge part of every college student’s diet. Whether you’re into Whole Foods’ kale-amole (the kale obsession is real, I swear), or you’re more of a classic guac lover, you know that nothing makes a meal more complete than a bowl of guacamole and some corn tortilla chips.

Although you may be a guac lover, you may not know where to find the best guacamole in each popular neighborhood of Charm City, so I found out for you.

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Barocina (Fells Point)

Generally when I dream about gaucamole (which happens often), I don’t imagine it drizzled in balsamic… but after trying Barcocina’s Oaxaca version, I don’t think I’m capable of imagining guacamole any other way. This guacamole was tangy and fresh, and by far the best guac I’ve ever had in Charm City.

#SpoonTip: Barcocina also has fantastic margaritas — those of age can check out the drink menu here.

Blue Agave (Downtown)

If this place isn’t on your radar, it should be. Awesome, upbeat atmosphere to go with a fresh bowl of guacamole that definitely does not disappoint.

#SpoonTip: They also have fried avocado, which you need to try, like, now.

Holy Frijoles (Hampden)

Taco salads after a nice hike!

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This a great hole-in-the-wall for that Tex-Mex fix in addition to their creamy guac. A laid-back atmosphere, which is great for that quick trip when you’re in need of something greasy.

#SpoonTip: This restaurant also boasts vegetarian options (for that one veggie friend we all have).

Johnny’s (Roland Park)

Super fresh and topped with jalapeños for the spicy people in your life (I’m not one of them). This place is a bit pricey but the guac is perfect, especially as a starter before those tiny brunch portions.

#SpoonTip: The guacamole isn’t huge, so if you have no shame, be prepared to go for two orders (like I did).

No Way Jose Cafe (Federal Hill)

Pce luv margs & guac ?

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Guacamole done right. This guac is the real deal, without any of the fancy stuff (we’re looking at you, Barcocina). But, simple guac is still great guac, and so it makes the list.

#SpoonTip: Their wings were award winning in the Charm City Wing Wars, which obviously means you have to try them, too.