This holiday season is very different from any in the past. There are safety regulations and travel advisories, and that means many people cannot have their usual large family gatherings this year. Because we can't all be together, why not mix up the traditions and order holiday desserts for your family or friends who you won't be able to see. Or, why not order these desserts for yourself-- you deserve it after putting up with 2020. I compiled a list of five amazing bakeries that deliver nationwide, so you can just order from home and relax.

#1. Baked By Melissa 

Baked by Melissa is a personal favorite of mine, and I usually buy their Super Bowl-styled cupcakes when I'm home for the game in New York. They also have themed (bite-sized of course) cupcakes for the holiday season! Their Thanksgiving cupcakes include Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake and Pecan Pie, and for Christmas you can order gift boxes that have Candy Cane and Caramel Hot Cocoa cupcakes. These unique little cupcakes are going to keep you happy all throughout the holiday season. 


#2. Cookies By Design

Cookies by Design make cookies for practically every occasion, including birthdays, weddings, and retirement. They also have cookies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's (if you want to plan ahead). Their designs are adorable and you can order them straight to your door--what's not to like?

Cookies By Design have adorable, hand-decorated sugar cookies (and also a few flavored cookies) for practically every occasion. You can order themed cookies for birthdays, weddings, or "just because". For the upcoming holidays they now have cookies for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and even New Year's. Order now so you can celebrate the holidays with these cute designs!


#3. Milk Bar 

Milk Bar is an incredibly famous bakery--and for good reason. Their desserts are delicious (and very photogenic). The good news is that they also deliver nationwide for the holidays: Their Thanksgiving treats include Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Cake and Truffles, and for Christmas you can order Peppermint Bark Cake and Peppermint Pretzel Snaps. These desserts would be the hit of your (COVID-friendly) holiday season. 

Milk Bar is a very well-known bakery--and for good reason. It's desserts (including their truffles, my favorite) are delicious and extremely photogenic. The good news is that Milk Bar now has desserts flavored for the holidays! For Thanksgiving you can order a Pumpkin Dulche De Leche Cake, and accompanying truffles, and for Christmas you can order a Peppermint Bark Cake, with truffles, and a tin of Peppermint Pretzel cookies. Whichever dessert you go with, food from Milk Bar is sure to be the hit of whatever (*safe*) plan you have for the holidays. 


#4. Caroline's Cakes 

Caroline's Cakes make (you guessed it) cakes, that are so good they were even named one of Oprah's Favorite Things! (so do you even need me to tell you they're good? Go order one!) They also make holiday cakes, in addition to their many others. For Thanksgiving they have 7-Layer Caramel Cake, 7-Layer Pumpkin Cake, and their "Sinfully Chocolate" Cake. For Christmas cakes you can order a Chocolate Peppermint Cake, a 7-Layer Yuletide Cake, and a Pink Champagne Cake. These cakes are bound to be delicious, Oprah says so. 


#5. Sift Dessert Bar

Sift Dessert Bar probably makes the most varied desserts out of all of these bakeries. They make cruffles (similar to cake pops), macarons, whoopie cookies, and cupcakes, so you have a lot of food to choose from. For the holidays, they sell a Thanksgiving box of cupcakes, including flavors such as Samoa and Caramel Pumpkin Churro. They also have a Hanukkah Gift Box (with gelt, macarons, and a "Hannukah Surprise Ball") in addition to their Hanukkah box of cupcakes, which has Peppermint Twist and Snowball flavors. Their Christmas cupcakes have Peppermint Twist and ginger molasses flavors. They also have a Winter Gift Box which includes one dozen assorted cookies, and a "Snowball Fight" game. If you're looking for something a little different this holiday season, try Sift Dessert Bar!


The upcoming holidays may be unusual and different, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy good desserts around the table and share them with those you love. Order your holiday dessert from one of these bakeries this year--you shouldn't stress yourself out any more anyway.