What is Backlot?

tea, cake, wine, coffee, beer
Molly Gallagher

Backlot Coffee has all the components of an ideal coffee shop: warm and welcoming atmosphere, comfortable seating, friendly owners and baristas, delicious coffee, and a multitude of snacks.

Their location on Central Street is convenient to the Northwestern Campus, and they're right down the street from Foodstuffs, a great spot for a healthy and drool-worthy lunch.

If you really need a study break, you can peruse the adorable goodies at Paper Source next store or channel your inner kid and romp around on the playground across the street.

The Food

pizza, wine, beer, coffee
Molly Gallagher

You can easily spend all day getting work done at one of their tables: they serve breakfast tacos from Amanacer, pastries from Hewn, and bagels, too. For lunch, they serve Prairie Grass Soup and various savory foodstuffs from Blind Faith Cafe. They also sell cookies and artisan granola bars for when you need a pick-me-up or a healthy snack.

The Drinks

wine, pizza, coffee, tea, beer
Molly Gallagher

Their coffee, from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, packs a serious caffeine punch. If coffee isn't your thing, they also have a wide selection of herbal, green, and black teas to choose from. I take my coffee black, but their seasonal drinks have tempted me to break my routine (how could you resist a Maple Spice Latte or Hot Caramel Cider?).

What Makes them Special

wine, beer
Molly Gallagher

What sets Backlot apart from other Evanston coffee shops is it's dedication to supporting the community. All the food for sale comes from local bakeries and restaurants like Hewn Bakery, Rare Tea Cellar, and Bits of Yum

They feature artwork created by local artists and have a community bulletin board brimming with advertisements for local businesses. Backlot's owners are always hanging out at the coffee shop, talking to customers and listening to feedback.


tea, beer, coffee
Molly Gallagher

I've been a religious customer at Backlot Coffee since they opened in July. It has become my favorite Evanston coffee shop for cranking out homework assignments, studying for exams, catching up with friends, or unwinding with a perfectly frothy latte.

I love their commitment to supporting local businesses and to serving their community, and it's just a really nice place to hangout in general. Calling all my Chicagoland people: I'll be at Backlot on Sunday, I hope to see you there!