It’s time to go back to school. Summer is basically over. Two sad facts of life, yes, but it’s not all bad. While we’ve been chained to desks or laboring over computers at our internships, new and hot restaurants have been making some noise in the City of Brotherly Love.  If you’ve had the pleasure of staying in sweet Philly this summer you might’ve had the opportunity to check ’em out. If so, let us know which are worth it; and if not, call me and join me on my expeditions.

1) Stock: A casual quaint 18-seat BYO in Fishtown serving an equally small menu of noodles, apparently-killer banh-mi’s and small plates. The chefs are a husband and wife team, with the husband  being a former sous-chef at Zahav, meaning not only do they have serious cred, but there’s also bound to be plenty of love in the food.


Photo by Matthew Hall for

2) Dizengoff: Solomonov’s new hummisaya. I’m a hummus fiend, and Zahav’s hummus is some of the best I’ve tried in Philly, so I’m eager to see and taste his unique spins on the classic.


Photo by Philadelphia Magazine

3) Crow and the Pitcher: This is one of those menu’s I can’t stop reading. Enticing items like a cheeseburger with bone marrow, cheddar, caramelized onions and roasted mushrooms as well as a dish featuring asparagus, brioche, poached egg and shaved summer truffles, give me the feeling that I’m going to like this place. The food looks inventive and seasonal and apparently they also have unreal Brussel Sprouts, which are always appreciated. This one’s at the top of my list.

4) coZara: While this spot on Drexel’s campus opened up right before school ended, I never had the chance to make it over there. Luckily, I will soon have plenty of opportunities to make the two block trek to taste some of the Zama sushi chef’s Japanese comfort food (think yakitori, ramen rice bowls and maki). The menu reads as interesting and potentially a little daunting, but I’m looking forward to extensively exploring it all, most especially the whole chicken yakitori.

5) Lo Spiedo: Although this new spot has yet to open, it belongs to the prestigious crew of Vetri restaurants which means it’s bound to deliver. Lo Spiedo literally is the Italian translation for “the spit” and will focus on rotisserie and grilled meats. The restaurant is located in the Navy Yard and will carry the “beast of Amis” spirit, often featuring whole animals and large cuts. Two words: CAN’T WAIT.