Visiting London, England and unsure of what to do?

Well there are loads of pubs and clubs you could pop into, but why not try something much cooler? Like the Icebar London, London’s only permanent bar made of ice. The walls, cups, tables, and the bar itself are all made of crystal clear ice. The entire atmosphere is kept at -5℃, or 23℉, and stays at this temperature all year round! This unique bar invites guests to stay in this chill ice box for forty minutes and even provides a stylish cloak and pair of gloves so that everyone can embrace their inner ice prince or princess.

The ice used in the bar comes from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Within the bar, intricate ice sculptures of animals litter the floor in accordance with the current theme, which is "Wild in the City." Carved into one of the walls is the London skyline with a twist - an octopus's tentacles are slowly taking over the iconic landmarks. All the walls are covered in carvings of both animals and iconic London buildings to further enhance the idea of nature entering the city and staking claim.

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Allyson Macci

Got a chill? Well, then it is time for a drink! The Icebar London offers all different kinds of fun cocktails, with names that continue the wild theme. Each drink is poured into your own ice glass, and trust me, you look even cooler drinking from it. The drink's colors are electric and are kept chilled to perfection in your icy glass. Besides cocktails, the icebar also offers champagne and even non-alcoholic drinks, so even if you don't enjoy alcohol you can enjoy the icebar! 

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Allyson Macci

So if you're in London or plan on visiting and are up for a pretty cool adventure, definitely check out Icebar London. The standard visits range from £13.90-£16.50, depending on the time you book your ticket for. This ticket not only allows you entry but gets you your first cocktail free and includes a cloak and pair of gloves. There are two other upgraded entry options, one that provides only champagne and the other that offers champagne and a cocktail. Whatever you decide, you will be able to chill in the icebar for 40 minutes, take as many photos as you'd like, and enjoy the bar's unique setting. The cold never bothered you anyway, right?