Babo. Any self-proclaimed Ann Arbor foodie swoons over the very mention of that name. With three locations in Ann Arbor, Babo is like a smaller version of Whole Foods right on campus. So here are some of the reasons why Babo should be your favorite spot in Ann Arbor, shown through their phenomenal Instagram. If this doesn’t convince you that Babo is the best, nothing will.

High-Quality Produce

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The struggle to find good avocados on campus is real, but look no further than Babo. Babo gets most of their fruits and veggies from local sources, and locally sourced produce = better produce. If you’re a fan of honey crisp apples don’t miss out on their amazing organic honey crisp selection. They’re hard to miss in the produce section because they are HUGE.

Homemade Juices and Smoothies


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All of the juices and smoothies at Babo are made fresh, and the drinks range from green juices to coffee smoothies and everything else in between. If you need a quick boost in between classes stop by the grab-and-go Babo located in Nickels Arcade off of State Street. I promise, nothing will make the fact that you’re 10 minutes late to your lecture and stayed up till 3 am doing homework better than a fresh drink from Babo.

Gourmet Prepared Foods


Ever miss your family’s homemade meals? Babo has both hot and cold prepared food options so you don’t have to (and the food is probably better than the food you ate at home #sorrynotsorry). They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and all of the food is “chef inspired” aka delicious. Enjoy dishes like spaghetti squash, salmon, and quinoa. Definitely a step up from the dining hall.

REAL Fast Food

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Because healthy food can be “fast” too. Babo has awesome grab-and-go options for students that are both quick and healthy. They have a great selection of pre-made salads, sandwiches, and wraps that you can snag in between class. Treat yourself to their Greek salad with grilled chicken or their vegetarian tofu wrap.

A Coffee Bar for Every Caffeine Craving

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Everyone loves latte art. And Babo knows latte art. They also have cool flavored lattes like their peppermint and gingerbread lattes. This is a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit and, more importantly, get an Instagram that’s 10/10.

Artisanal Cheeses Galore


In Babo there is a whole case just dedicated to cheese. This is BIG. Nothing screams elegance like being able to serve your friends quality cheese and crackers from the comfort of your dorm room. Pro tip: You can sample any cheese you want. Any.

Save Room for Dessert

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Just when you thought Babo couldn’t get any better, their homemade desserts really steal the show. Some of the highlights include the gooey chocolate chip cookies, unique flavored French macarons, and their homemade pop tarts. Tell me that your mouth isn’t watering at the picture of this fresh stack of cookies (if you say it isn’t I won’t believe you).

Their Philosophy

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The owners of Babo are often asked, is Babo a grocery store or a restaurant? Their answer is Babo is a “grocerant”. A place where you can stock up on groceries and buy yourself a delicious dinner. They also put a huge emphasis on using the best ingredients possible, which is why everything they make is so damn good.

If the thought of eating any of this delicious food doesn’t lure you, you must not be a true Ann Arbor foodie (I know, harsh). At least go and try to take an artsy pic worthy of the Babo Insta.