I’m a pretty average college student when it comes to eating — I look for the best possible food available. And when I say “best possible,” I mean “most convenient.” So when a new, authentic Korean restaurant called Bab Plus opened up within my apartment building, I knew I had to try it.

Before going, I did my research. With rave reviews on Yelp of people calling it the best Korean joint on campus, I knew I had to check this place out, so my friend and I decided to go on a culinary adventure.

I'd like to remind everyone I still like to eat ☺️

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When I first walked in, I was completely intimidated. It was a bit crowded for a Thursday night and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to understand the menu. However, the menu had numbers followed by the Korean spelling and a small description of the meal in English, so I was golden. Once I ordered and paid, I was given a pager that went off when my food was ready to be picked up. Quick and easy.

#SpoonTip: When you’re finished with your meal, you’re responsible for busing your own table, so make sure you don’t leave your mess behind.

When I first went, I decided to go with something spicy: the #23 spicy rice cakes with ramen. Spicy doesn’t even begin to cover the burn that my poor mouth endured, but it was so worth it. Even though my tongue was on fire, I almost ate the entire plate.

Korean Cuisine

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The average meal at Bab Plus is around $10 (basically the price of a steak burrito with guac at Chipotle). The restaurant is bright and welcoming, the service is incredibly quick and the staff is really helpful. Next time you’re feeling adventurous or want a delicious (and spicy) Korean meal, head over to Bab Plus. Trust me, it will rock your tastebuds.