Everyone loves ice cream, especially during the summer in the country.  The cold creaminess feels good while the sun is beating down, and everyone can take a deep breath because it is summer and there is nothing to worry about.    

A Scenic Landscape

water, grass
Emily Taub

Village Scoop is a small and locally-owned ice cream shop in the quaint town of Hillsdale, New York. With a population of 1,927 people and a location in the countryside of upper New York State, not many people know about Hillsdale, let alone the shop itself.

Village Scoop

My family owns a country house in the town over from Hillsdale. The day that our local ice cream shop closed, we began our search to find a new one. When we drove up to the parking lot filled with colorful umbrellas and cheerful chairs, we knew that we had found what we were looking for.

That first time at Village Scoop was when I was first introduced to the incredible flavor of lavender.

The One and Only Lavender Ice Cream

My ice cream palate has always been simplistic: vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a wafer cone. But when I walked into Village Scoop, the slightly purple tinted flavor caught my eye. I didn’t know what to think. When I tried it, it was nothing like I had ever tasted before.

The Ice Cream

It satisfies a person’s sweet tooth, but not to the point where they can feel cavities forming. It smoothly rolls down your throat, yet avoids the feeling of creaminess getting caught like peanut butter.

The best part is the unexpectedly refreshing taste that fills your senses when you take a bite. It is the ultimate mix of a sweet ice cream, infused with the subtle bitterness of lavender, making perfect complements. 

After you have your lavender ice cream in your sunburnt hands, you sit outside on the little country porch in back of Village Scoop with wooden benches and overhanging lights.  You look around and can't believe how beautiful it is and that summer has actually arrived.  

ice cream
Emily Taub

After a day of playing tennis or jumping in the lake or working in the garden, this ice cream, specifically this lavender flavor, is exactly what anyone needs as the cherry on top to finish off a perfect summer day.