What comes to mind when you think of Australia? Kangaroos, Koalas and the Sydney Opera House would all be acceptable answers. But an even better answer would be pie. However, lucky for you a trip to Australia is no longer necessary to enjoy these traditional decadences. Making their first U.S. appearance with their new home in Westwood, Garlo’s Aussie Pies is dedicated to showcasing all the things there are to love about savory meat pies. Here are five great reasons to check out this new Westwood Eatery:

Photo by Angelica Pan

1. Who doesn’t love pie?

These small pies decadently filled with beef, steak, and gravy will remind you all there is to love about Pie. With a light, flakey top and a full hearty bottom, the piecrust is light and airy, perfectly complementing the intense flavor of the rich meat filling. With your choice from dozens of pies made fresh daily, there is an option perfect for everyone. Check out their full menu of available options here.

Photo by Angelica Pan


2. Can you see say free pie

On a budget? Garlo’s has you covered. With meals ranging from $5 – $6 what’s not to love. Even better, join Garlo’s Reward Program and for each dollar you spend you will earn a point. Thirty points add to a free pie. That means five times you dine and the sixth is on Garlo’s. As if it couldn’t get better, Garlo’s also offers numerous specials, including holiday and birthday favors you won’t want to miss.

Photo by Angelica Pan


3. Flat white done right

With all the craze about Starbucks new Flat White you’ve probably found yourself wondering what the heck a flat white is anyway. This coffee drink, characterized by its use of “microfoam” is in fact native to Australia. Want to see what all the hype is about, come in and try it one for only $3.50. Pair it with a fluffy, warm, freshly baked Blueberry & White Chocolate scone and your day is already off to a great start.

Photo byAngelica Pan

4. Missing your mother’s mashed potatoes?

Certain foods tend to become an anomaly in college with mashed potatoes being one of them. The perfect pairing with any meat pie, the mashed potatoes are fluffy and filling, creamy and textured like good mashed potatoes should be. Paired with traditional mushy peas, a traditional Australian meat pie side dish, this filling meal will remind you of the home cooked favorites you didn’t even remember you missed.

Photo by Angelica Pan


5. Wait there’s more.

As if all that wasn’t enough Garlo’s also baked sweet pies and desserts daily. Along with traditional favorites likes Apple and Blueberry, Garlo’s mixes things up with the addition of custard pies and traditional Australian coconut chocolate cake; all perfect options for any student studying for finals.

Photo Courtesy of Angelica Pan