Au Péché Mignon, meaning “a little sin”, is a French pastry shop that sells all kinds of desserts from macarons, to cheesecakes, chocolates, cakes, and quiches. They also sell lunch items that include sandwiches and soups but their dessert menu outshines them all.

At Au Péché Mignon, we’re all sinners. Located at 220 North Duval Street, Au Péché Mignon is a hidden jewel concealed between the boring office buildings of downtown. I definitely did not expect to find such a gem so close to the grey and gritty Tallahassee bus station, but as soon as you walk in, it's the cutest little coffee shop.

Marielena Cardoza

Let Au Péché Mignon Turn You Into a Sinner

They have two locations in Tallahassee, one on Timberlane Road and the newer location that just opened last year on North Duval Street. Every morning the bakers arrive at 5:00 am to handcraft these beautiful desserts to ensure freshness in every bite. The attention to detail is especially evident in their intricate chocolate designs. After visiting so many times in an attempt to complete my mission of devouring the whole menu, I have compiled a list of must try's for those who need a little assistance in choosing their vice.

Pumpkin Spice Season is Back!

Marielena Cardoza

With fall right around the corner, the desire for pumpkin flavored everything is among us and Au Péché Mignon has got you covered. This pumpkin cheese cake tastes similar to pumpkin pie but it's much creamier and sweeter. It also comes in chocolate and key lime but those flavors can wait until fall is over.

Colorful Macarons for All

Marielena Cardoza

Pictured above are the cotton candy, birthday cake, and raspberry macarons. Flavors vary day by day depending on what inspires the bakers that morning. No matter what they choose to bake, it's guaranteed you will find a flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth. 

For the Chocolate Lovers

As a huge chocolate lover I was initially sad to see how small the Mousse cup was, but that disappointment quickly changed to satisfaction as I kept digging in. The Mousse cup is so rich and creamy it will full you up quickly. When you reach the bottom you’ll meet a dark chocolate shell to finish you off.

Get Your Fruity Fix

The fruit makes it healthy, right? Suddenly sinning doesn’t feel so bad when you bite into their Fruit and Cream Napolean. This tasty treat is fun to eat due to the contrasting textures of the crispy puff pastry and the soft whipped cream. Make sure to visit on a Saturday because this special treat is not offered any other day.

Honorable Mention: Chocolate Mice

Don't be so quick to call the health inspector when you spot these adorable mice. These mice offer an almond cake tart with chocolate buttercream. They are just as adorable in mini too!

Be sure to follow their Instagram so you can keep up with their newest creations and keep an eye out for their festive holiday treats in the upcoming months.