If you’ve ever had snow cones in New Orleans, Summer Snow is giving them a run for their money! This quaint shaved ice shack is located right off of University Boulevard, near the University of Alabama campus. Many locals and students anxiously await until summer rolls around for the grand opening of Summer Snow. They are open daily from 1pm-7pm… of course the hottest part of the day so you know exactly where to find a refreshing treat!


Photo courtesy of @jeboswell by Instagram

Summer Snow has a long list of flavors ranging from the classic orange and lime, to the more exotic flavors like butterscotch, strawberry daiquiri and blueberry cheesecake, but wait…that’s not all, Summer Snow also has a hidden menu with VIP flavors. This chamber of secret yumminess including fruit roll-up, wedding cake and Miami Vice!


Photo courtesy of @kjhancock by Instagram

So if you’re ever looking for a delicous and low-cost treat to beat the summer heat (wow that just really rhymed), Summer Snow is for sure the way to go! However…it is only open for limited months, so hurry quick before the summer is over!